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The Gravity is a measurement unit of Acceleration, but it is a non-SI unit. The unit symbol of Gravity is g, 1 Gravity is equal to 9.81 Meters Per Second Squared.

Gravity to Meters Per Second Squared Conversion.(g to m/s²)

Common Acceleration Conversions

How many meters per second squared are in one gravity?

1 Meters Per Second Squared is equal to 0.10194 Gravity.

How many gravity are in one meters per second squared?

1 Gravity is equal to 9.81 Meters Per Second Squared.

Acceleration Unit Conversion Table

Convert From Meters Per Second Squared
1 Gravity9.81 m/s²
2 Gravity19.62 m/s²
3 Gravity29.43 m/s²
4 Gravity39.24 m/s²
5 Gravity49.05 m/s²
6 Gravity58.86 m/s²
7 Gravity68.67 m/s²
8 Gravity78.48 m/s²
9 Gravity88.29 m/s²
10 Gravity98.1 m/s²
11 Gravity107.91 m/s²
12 Gravity117.72 m/s²
13 Gravity127.53 m/s²
14 Gravity137.34 m/s²
15 Gravity147.15 m/s²
16 Gravity156.96 m/s²
17 Gravity166.77 m/s²
18 Gravity176.58 m/s²
19 Gravity186.39 m/s²
20 Gravity196.2 m/s²