Area Conversion

Units of Area include Square Meters, Acres, Hectares, Square Centimeters, Square Inches, Square Feet, Square Yards, Square Miles, Square Kilometers.

Convert Area units

The area is a quantity of extent in two dimensions. The area can be expressed by SI derived units in terms of square meters (m2). Metric and imperial Area conversions for acres, hectares, square centimeters, square inches, square feet, square yards, square miles, square kilometers, square megameters, square millimeters, square micrometers, square nanometers, ares and many more.

Square Meters Conversion.(m²)

1 Square Meters is equal to 1.0 Square Meters.

Acres Conversion.(ac)

1 Acres is equal to 4046.86 Square Meters.

Hectares Conversion.(ha)

1 Hectares is equal to 10000 Square Meters.

Square Centimeters Conversion.(cm²)

1 Square Centimeters is equal to 0.0001 Square Meters.

Square Inches Conversion.(in²)

1 Square Inches is equal to 0.00064516 Square Meters.

Square Feet Conversion.(ft²)

1 Square Feet is equal to 0.092903 Square Meters.

Square Yards Conversion.(yd²)

1 Square Yards is equal to 0.836127 Square Meters.

Square Miles Conversion.(mi²)

1 Square Miles is equal to 2.59e+6 Square Meters.

Square Kilometers Conversion.(km²)

1 Square Kilometers is equal to 1000000.0 Square Meters.

Square Megameters Conversion.(Mm²)

1 Square Megameters is equal to 1e12 Square Meters.

Square Millimeters Conversion.(mm²)

1 Square Millimeters is equal to 0.000001 Square Meters.

Square Micrometers Conversion.(µm²)

1 Square Micrometers is equal to 1e-12 Square Meters.

Square Nanometers Conversion.(nm²)

1 Square Nanometers is equal to 1e-18 Square Meters.

Ares Conversion.(a)

1 Ares is equal to 100 Square Meters.

Common Area Conversions

How many square meters are in one square feet?

1 Square Meters is equal to 10.76392 Square Feet.

How many square miles are in one square meters?

1 Square Miles is equal to 2590000 Square Meters.

How many square feet are in one square inches?

1 Square Feet is equal to 143.99994 Square Inches.

How many square miles are in one square kilometers?

1 Square Miles is equal to 2.59 Square Kilometers.

How many ares are in one square meters?

1 Ares is equal to 100 Square Meters.

How many square meters are in one acres?

1 Square Meters is equal to 0.00025 Acres.

How many square meters are in one square yards?

1 Square Meters is equal to 1.19599 Square Yards.

Area Unit Conversion Table

Convert From Square MilesSquare InchesSquare FeetSquare YardsSquare Meters
1 Square Meters3.8610038610039E-7 mi²1550.0031 in²10.7639151 ft²1.1959906 yd²1 m²
1 Acres0.0015625 mi²6272645.5452911 in²43560.057264 ft²4840.0063627 yd²4046.86 m²
1 Hectares0.003861 mi²15500031.000062 in²107639.1505118 ft²11959.9056124 yd²10000 m²
1 Square Centimeters3.8610038610039E-11 mi²0.1550003 in²0.0010764 ft²0.0001196 yd²0.0001 m²
1 Square Inches2.4909652509652E-10 mi²1 in²0.0069444 ft²0.0007716 yd²0.0006452 m²
1 Square Feet3.5869884169884E-8 mi²143.999938 in²1 ft²0.1111111 yd²0.092903 m²
1 Square Yards3.2282895752896E-7 mi²1295.999442 in²9 ft²1 yd²0.836127 m²
1 Square Miles1 mi²4014508029.0161 in²27878539.982563 ft²3097615.5536181 yd²2590000 m²
1 Square Kilometers0.3861004 mi²1550003100.0062 in²10763915.051182 ft²1195990.5612425 yd²1000000 m²
1 Square Megameters386100.3861004 mi²1.5500031000062E+15 in²10763915051182 ft²1195990561242.5 yd²1000000000000 m²
1 Square Millimeters3.861003861E-13 mi²0.00155 in²1.0763915051182E-5 ft²1.1959905612425E-6 yd²1.0E-6 m²
1 Square Micrometers3.861E-19 mi²1.5500031000062E-9 in²1.0763915051182E-11 ft²1.195990561242E-12 yd²1.0E-12 m²
1 Square Nanometers0 mi²1.5500031E-15 in²1.0763915E-17 ft²1.195991E-18 yd²0 m²
1 Ares3.8610038610039E-5 mi²155000.3100006 in²1076.3915051 ft²119.5990561 yd²100 m²