Mass Conversion

Units of Mass include Kilograms, Grams, Ounces, Pounds, Milligrams, Stones.

Convert Mass units

Mass is a fundamental property of matter that causes it to resist being accelerated by a force. The SI unit for mass is the kilogram (kg) The Mass is also commonly measured in grams, ounces, pounds, milligrams, stones, decigrams, centigrams, micrograms, nanograms, picograms, metric tons, short tons, carats, ounces troy, slugs and many more.

Kilograms Conversion.(kg)

1 Kilograms is equal to 1.0 Kilograms.

Grams Conversion.(g)

1 Grams is equal to 0.001 Kilograms.

Ounces Conversion.(oz)

1 Ounces is equal to 0.0283495 Kilograms.

Pounds Conversion.(lb)

1 Pounds is equal to 0.453592 Kilograms.

Milligrams Conversion.(mg)

1 Milligrams is equal to 0.000001 Kilograms.

Stones Conversion.(st)

1 Stones is equal to 0.157473 Kilograms.

Decigrams Conversion.(dg)

1 Decigrams is equal to 0.0001 Kilograms.

Centigrams Conversion.(cg)

1 Centigrams is equal to 0.00001 Kilograms.

Micrograms Conversion.(µg)

1 Micrograms is equal to 1e9 Kilograms.

Nanograms Conversion.(ng)

1 Nanograms is equal to 1e-12 Kilograms.

Picograms Conversion.(pg)

1 Picograms is equal to 1e-15 Kilograms.

Metric Tons Conversion.(t)

1 Metric Tons is equal to 1000 Kilograms.

Short Tons Conversion.(ton)

1 Short Tons is equal to 907.185 Kilograms.

Carats Conversion.(ct)

1 Carats is equal to 0.0002 Kilograms.

Ounces Troy Conversion.(oz t)

1 Ounces Troy is equal to 0.03110348 Kilograms.

Slugs Conversion.(slug)

1 Slugs is equal to 14.5939 Kilograms.

Common Mass Conversions

How many kilograms are in one grams?

1 Kilograms is equal to 1000 Grams.

How many grams are in one ounces?

1 Grams is equal to 0.03527 Ounces.

How many pounds are in one kilograms?

1 Pounds is equal to 0.45359 Kilograms.

How many grams are in one ounces?

1 Grams is equal to 0.03527 Ounces.

How many kilograms are in one pounds?

1 Kilograms is equal to 2.20462 Pounds.

How many ounces are in one grams?

1 Ounces is equal to 28.3495 Grams.

How many kilograms are in one ounces?

1 Kilograms is equal to 35.27399 Ounces.

Mass Unit Conversion Table

Convert From KilogramsGramsOuncesPounds
1 Kilograms1 kg1000 g35.2739907 oz2.2046244 lb
1 Grams0.001 kg1 g0.035274 oz0.0022046 lb
1 Ounces0.0283495 kg28.3495 g1 oz0.0625 lb
1 Pounds0.453592 kg453.592 g16 oz1 lb
1 Milligrams1.0E-6 kg0.001 g3.527399072294E-5 oz2.2046244201838E-6 lb
1 Stones0.157473 kg157.473 g5.5547011 oz0.3471688 lb
1 Decigrams0.0001 kg0.1 g0.0035274 oz0.0002205 lb
1 Centigrams1.0E-5 kg0.01 g0.0003527 oz2.2046244201838E-5 lb
1 Micrograms1000000000 kg1000000000000 g35273990722.94 oz2204624420.1838 lb
1 Nanograms1.0E-12 kg1.0E-9 g3.527399072294E-11 oz2.204624420184E-12 lb
1 Picograms0 kg1.0E-12 g3.527399072E-14 oz2.20462442E-15 lb
1 Metric Tons1000 kg1000000 g35273.9907229 oz2204.6244202 lb
1 Short Tons907.185 kg907185 g32000.035274 oz2000.0022046 lb
1 Carats0.0002 kg0.2 g0.0070548 oz0.0004409 lb
1 Ounces Troy0.0311035 kg31.10348 g1.0971439 oz0.0685715 lb
1 Slugs14.5939 kg14593.9 g514.7850932 oz32.1740683 lb