Volume Conversion

Units of Volume include Liters, Barrels (Oil), Cubic Meters, Cubic Inches, Cubic Feet, Cubic Yards, Cubic Miles, Gallons, Milliliters, Cups.

Convert Volume units

Volume is a quantity of the extend of matter in three dimensions. The SI accepted unit of volume is the liter (L). Metric and imperial Volume conversions for barrels (oil), cubic meters, cubic inches, cubic feet, cubic yards, cubic miles, gallons, milliliters, cups, megaliters, kiloliters, deciliters, centiliters, cubic kilometers, cubic decimeters, cubic millimeters, acre foeet, bushels, teaspoons, tablespoons, fluid ounces, pints, quarts, imperial teaspoons, imperial tablespoons, imperial fluid ounces, imperial pints, imperial quarts, imperial gallons, metric cups and many more.

Liters Conversion.(L)

1 Liters is equal to 1.0 Liters.

Barrels (Oil) Conversion.(bbl)

1 Barrels (Oil) is equal to 0.0062898107704321 Liters.

Cubic Meters Conversion.(m³)

1 Cubic Meters is equal to 1000.0 Liters.

Cubic Inches Conversion.(in³)

1 Cubic Inches is equal to 0.0163871 Liters.

Cubic Feet Conversion.(ft³)

1 Cubic Feet is equal to 28.3168 Liters.

Cubic Yards Conversion.(yd³)

1 Cubic Yards is equal to 764.555 Liters.

Cubic Miles Conversion.(mi³)

1 Cubic Miles is equal to 4.168e+12 Liters.

Gallons Conversion.(gal)

1 Gallons is equal to 3.78541 Liters.

Milliliters Conversion.(mL)

1 Milliliters is equal to 0.001 Liters.

Cups Conversion.(cup)

1 Cups is equal to 0.24 Liters.

Megaliters Conversion.(ML)

1 Megaliters is equal to 1000000.0 Liters.

Kiloliters Conversion.(kL)

1 Kiloliters is equal to 1000.0 Liters.

Deciliters Conversion.(dL)

1 Deciliters is equal to 0.1 Liters.

Centiliters Conversion.(cL)

1 Centiliters is equal to 0.01 Liters.

Cubic Kilometers Conversion.(km³)

1 Cubic Kilometers is equal to 1e12 Liters.

Cubic Decimeters Conversion.(dm³)

1 Cubic Decimeters is equal to 1.0 Liters.

Cubic Millimeters Conversion.(mm³)

1 Cubic Millimeters is equal to 0.000001 Liters.

Acre Foeet Conversion.(af)

1 Acre Foeet is equal to 1.233e+6 Liters.

Bushels Conversion.(bsh)

1 Bushels is equal to 35.2391 Liters.

Teaspoons Conversion.(tsp)

1 Teaspoons is equal to 0.00492892 Liters.

Tablespoons Conversion.(tbsp)

1 Tablespoons is equal to 0.0147868 Liters.

Fluid Ounces Conversion.(fl oz)

1 Fluid Ounces is equal to 0.0295735 Liters.

Pints Conversion.(pt)

1 Pints is equal to 0.473176 Liters.

Quarts Conversion.(qt)

1 Quarts is equal to 0.946353 Liters.

Imperial Teaspoons Conversion.(tsp)

1 Imperial Teaspoons is equal to 0.00591939 Liters.

Imperial Tablespoons Conversion.(tbsp)

1 Imperial Tablespoons is equal to 0.0177582 Liters.

Imperial Fluid Ounces Conversion.(fl oz)

1 Imperial Fluid Ounces is equal to 0.0284131 Liters.

Imperial Pints Conversion.(pt)

1 Imperial Pints is equal to 0.568261 Liters.

Imperial Quarts Conversion.(qt)

1 Imperial Quarts is equal to 1.13652 Liters.

Imperial Gallons Conversion.(gal)

1 Imperial Gallons is equal to 4.54609 Liters.

Metric Cups Conversion.(metric cup)

1 Metric Cups is equal to 0.25 Liters.

Common Volume Conversions

How many liters are in one gallons?

1 Liters is equal to 0.26417 Gallons.

How many cubic feet are in one liters?

1 Cubic Feet is equal to 28.3168 Liters.

How many gallons are in one cubic meters?

1 Gallons is equal to 0.00379 Cubic Meters.

How many liters are in one cubic feet?

1 Liters is equal to 0.03531 Cubic Feet.

How many cups are in one liters?

1 Cups is equal to 0.24 Liters.

How many gallons are in one cubic feet?

1 Gallons is equal to 0.13368 Cubic Feet.

How many cubic meters are in one liters?

1 Cubic Meters is equal to 1000 Liters.

Volume Unit Conversion Table

Convert From LitersGallonsCubic MilesCubic FeetCubic Inches
1 Liters1 L0.2641722 gal2.39923224568E-13 mi³0.0353147 ft³61.02361 in³
1 Barrels (Oil)0.0062898 L0.0016616 gal1.509071682E-15 mi³0.0002221 ft³0.383827 in³
1 Cubic Meters1000 L264.1721769 gal2.3992322456814E-10 mi³35.3147248 ft³61023.6100347 in³
1 Cubic Inches0.0163871 L0.004329 gal3.931645873E-15 mi³0.0005787 ft³1 in³
1 Cubic Feet28.3168 L7.4805107 gal6.793857965451E-12 mi³1 ft³1727.9933606 in³
1 Cubic Yards764.555 L201.9741587 gal1.8343450095969E-10 mi³27.0000494 ft³46655.9061701 in³
1 Cubic Miles4168000000000 L1101069633144.1 gal1 mi³147191773081.7 ft³2.5434640662472E+14 in³
1 Gallons3.78541 L1 gal9.08207773512E-13 mi³0.1336807 ft³230.9993837 in³
1 Milliliters0.001 L0.0002642 gal2.39923225E-16 mi³3.5314724827664E-5 ft³0.0610236 in³
1 Cups0.24 L0.0634013 gal5.7581573896E-14 mi³0.0084755 ft³14.6456664 in³
1 Megaliters1000000 L264172.176858 gal2.3992322456814E-7 mi³35314.7248277 ft³61023610.034722 in³
1 Kiloliters1000 L264.1721769 gal2.3992322456814E-10 mi³35.3147248 ft³61023.6100347 in³
1 Deciliters0.1 L0.0264172 gal2.3992322457E-14 mi³0.0035315 ft³6.102361 in³
1 Centiliters0.01 L0.0026417 gal2.399232246E-15 mi³0.0003531 ft³0.6102361 in³
1 Cubic Kilometers1000000000000 L264172176857.99 gal0.2399232 mi³35314724827.664 ft³61023610034722 in³
1 Cubic Decimeters1 L0.2641722 gal2.39923224568E-13 mi³0.0353147 ft³61.02361 in³
1 Cubic Millimeters1.0E-6 L2.6417217685799E-7 gal2.39923E-19 mi³3.5314724827664E-8 ft³6.1023610034722E-5 in³
1 Acre Foeet1233000 L325724.2940659 gal2.9582533589251E-7 mi³43543.0557125 ft³75242111.172813 in³
1 Bushels35.2391 L9.3091898 gal8.454678502879E-12 mi³1.2444591 ft³2150.4170964 in³
1 Teaspoons0.0049289 L0.0013021 gal1.18256238E-15 mi³0.0001741 ft³0.3007805 in³
1 Tablespoons0.0147868 L0.0039063 gal3.547696737E-15 mi³0.0005222 ft³0.9023439 in³
1 Fluid Ounces0.0295735 L0.0078125 gal7.095369482E-15 mi³0.0010444 ft³1.8046817 in³
1 Pints0.473176 L0.1249999 gal1.13525911708E-13 mi³0.0167101 ft³28.8749077 in³
1 Quarts0.946353 L0.2500001 gal2.2705206334E-13 mi³0.0334202 ft³57.7498764 in³
1 Imperial Teaspoons0.0059194 L0.0015637 gal1.420199136E-15 mi³0.000209 ft³0.3612225 in³
1 Imperial Tablespoons0.0177582 L0.0046912 gal4.260604607E-15 mi³0.0006271 ft³1.0836695 in³
1 Imperial Fluid Ounces0.0284131 L0.007506 gal6.81696257E-15 mi³0.0010034 ft³1.7338699 in³
1 Imperial Pints0.568261 L0.1501187 gal1.36339011516E-13 mi³0.020068 ft³34.6773377 in³
1 Imperial Quarts1.13652 L0.300237 gal2.72677543186E-13 mi³0.0401359 ft³69.3545533 in³
1 Imperial Gallons4.54609 L1.2009505 gal1.09071257198E-12 mi³0.1605439 ft³277.4188233 in³
1 Metric Cups0.25 L0.066043 gal5.9980806142E-14 mi³0.0088287 ft³15.2559025 in³