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Convert Gallons to Cubic Feet (gal to ft³)

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1 Gallons (gal)


0.13368 Cubic Feet (ft³)

Enter the number of Gallons(gal) to convert into Cubic Feet(ft³).

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1 (gal) = 0.13368 (ft³)

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How to Convert Gallons to Cubic Feet

To convert Gallons to Cubic Feet, multiply the Volume by the conversion ratio. One Gallons is equal to 0.13368 Cubic Feet, so use this simple formula to convert:

Gallons = Cubic Feet × 0.13368

For example, here's how to convert 5 Gallons to Cubic Feet using the formula above.

5 gal = (5 × 0.13368) = 0.6684 ft³

1 Gallon is equal to how many Cubic Foot?

1 Gallon is equal to 0.13368 Cubic Feet: 1 gal = 0.13368 ft³

There are 0.13368 Cubic Feet in 1 Gallon. To convert from Gallons to Cubic Feet, multiply your figure by 0.13368 (or divide by 7.48051) .

1 Cubic Foot is equal to how many Gallon?

1 Cubic Foot is equal to 7.48051 Gallons: 1 ft³ = 7.48051 gal

There are 7.48051 Gallons in 1 Cubic Foot. To convert from Cubic Feet to Gallons, multiply your figure by 7.48051 (or divide by 0.13368) .

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Converting Gallons and Cubic Feet

GallonsCubic FeetCubic FeetGallons
1 gal0.13368 ft³1 ft³7.48051 gal
2 gal0.26736 ft³2 ft³14.96102 gal
3 gal0.40104 ft³3 ft³22.44153 gal
4 gal0.53472 ft³4 ft³29.92204 gal
5 gal0.6684 ft³5 ft³37.40255 gal
6 gal0.80208 ft³6 ft³44.88306 gal
7 gal0.93576 ft³7 ft³52.36357 gal
8 gal1.06944 ft³8 ft³59.84408 gal
9 gal1.20312 ft³9 ft³67.32459 gal
10 gal1.3368 ft³10 ft³74.8051 gal
11 gal1.47048 ft³11 ft³82.28561 gal
12 gal1.60416 ft³12 ft³89.76612 gal
13 gal1.73784 ft³13 ft³97.24663 gal
14 gal1.87152 ft³14 ft³104.72714 gal
15 gal2.0052 ft³15 ft³112.20765 gal
16 gal2.13888 ft³16 ft³119.68816 gal
17 gal2.27256 ft³17 ft³127.16867 gal
18 gal2.40624 ft³18 ft³134.64918 gal
19 gal2.53992 ft³19 ft³142.12969 gal
20 gal2.6736 ft³20 ft³149.6102 gal