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1 Liters (L)


0.03531 Cubic Feet (ft³)

Enter the number of Liters(L) to convert into Cubic Feet(ft³).

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1 (L) = 0.03531 (ft³)

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How to Convert Liters to Cubic Feet

To convert Liters to Cubic Feet, multiply the Volume by the conversion ratio. One Liters is equal to 0.03531 Cubic Feet, so use this simple formula to convert:

Liters = Cubic Feet × 0.03531

For example, here's how to convert 5 Liters to Cubic Feet using the formula above.

5 L = (5 × 0.03531) = 0.17655 ft³

1 Liter is equal to how many Cubic Foot?

1 Liter is equal to 0.03531 Cubic Feet: 1 L = 0.03531 ft³

There are 0.03531 Cubic Feet in 1 Liter. To convert from Liters to Cubic Feet, multiply your figure by 0.03531 (or divide by 28.3168) .

1 Cubic Foot is equal to how many Liter?

1 Cubic Foot is equal to 28.3168 Liters: 1 ft³ = 28.3168 L

There are 28.3168 Liters in 1 Cubic Foot. To convert from Cubic Feet to Liters, multiply your figure by 28.3168 (or divide by 0.03531) .

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Converting Liters and Cubic Feet

LitersCubic FeetCubic FeetLiters
1 L0.03531 ft³1 ft³28.3168 L
2 L0.07062 ft³2 ft³56.6336 L
3 L0.10593 ft³3 ft³84.9504 L
4 L0.14124 ft³4 ft³113.2672 L
5 L0.17655 ft³5 ft³141.584 L
6 L0.21186 ft³6 ft³169.9008 L
7 L0.24717 ft³7 ft³198.2176 L
8 L0.28248 ft³8 ft³226.5344 L
9 L0.31779 ft³9 ft³254.8512 L
10 L0.3531 ft³10 ft³283.168 L
11 L0.38841 ft³11 ft³311.4848 L
12 L0.42372 ft³12 ft³339.8016 L
13 L0.45903 ft³13 ft³368.1184 L
14 L0.49434 ft³14 ft³396.4352 L
15 L0.52965 ft³15 ft³424.752 L
16 L0.56496 ft³16 ft³453.0688 L
17 L0.60027 ft³17 ft³481.3856 L
18 L0.63558 ft³18 ft³509.7024 L
19 L0.67089 ft³19 ft³538.0192 L
20 L0.7062 ft³20 ft³566.336 L