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The Metric Tons is a measurement unit of Mass, but it is a non-SI unit. The unit symbol of Metric Tons is t, 1 Metric Tons is equal to 1000 Kilograms.

Metric Tons to Kilograms Conversion.(t to kg)

Metric Tons to Grams Conversion.(t to g)

Metric Tons to Ounces Conversion.(t to oz)

Metric Tons to Pounds Conversion.(t to lb)

Metric Tons to Milligrams Conversion.(t to mg)

Metric Tons to Stones Conversion.(t to st)

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Metric Tons to Micrograms Conversion.(t to µg)

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Metric Tons to Picograms Conversion.(t to pg)

Metric Tons to Short Tons Conversion.(t to ton)

Metric Tons to Carats Conversion.(t to ct)

Metric Tons to Ounces Troy Conversion.(t to oz t)

Metric Tons to Slugs Conversion.(t to slug)

Common Mass Conversions

How many kilograms are in one grams?

1 Kilograms is equal to 1000 Grams.

How many grams are in one ounces?

1 Grams is equal to 0.03527 Ounces.

How many pounds are in one kilograms?

1 Pounds is equal to 0.45359 Kilograms.

How many grams are in one ounces?

1 Grams is equal to 0.03527 Ounces.

How many kilograms are in one pounds?

1 Kilograms is equal to 2.20462 Pounds.

How many ounces are in one grams?

1 Ounces is equal to 28.3495 Grams.

How many kilograms are in one ounces?

1 Kilograms is equal to 35.27399 Ounces.

Mass Unit Conversion Table

Convert From KilogramsGramsOuncesPounds
1 Metric Tons1000 kg1000000 g35273.99072 oz2204.62442 lb
2 Metric Tons2000 kg2000000 g70547.98144 oz4409.24884 lb
3 Metric Tons3000 kg3000000 g105821.97216 oz6613.87326 lb
4 Metric Tons4000 kg4000000 g141095.96288 oz8818.49768 lb
5 Metric Tons5000 kg5000000 g176369.9536 oz11023.1221 lb
6 Metric Tons6000 kg6000000 g211643.94432 oz13227.74652 lb
7 Metric Tons7000 kg7000000 g246917.93504 oz15432.37094 lb
8 Metric Tons8000 kg8000000 g282191.92576 oz17636.99536 lb
9 Metric Tons9000 kg9000000 g317465.91648 oz19841.61978 lb
10 Metric Tons10000 kg10000000 g352739.9072 oz22046.2442 lb
11 Metric Tons11000 kg11000000 g388013.89792 oz24250.86862 lb
12 Metric Tons12000 kg12000000 g423287.88864 oz26455.49304 lb
13 Metric Tons13000 kg13000000 g458561.87936 oz28660.11746 lb
14 Metric Tons14000 kg14000000 g493835.87008 oz30864.74188 lb
15 Metric Tons15000 kg15000000 g529109.8608 oz33069.3663 lb
16 Metric Tons16000 kg16000000 g564383.85152 oz35273.99072 lb
17 Metric Tons17000 kg17000000 g599657.84224 oz37478.61514 lb
18 Metric Tons18000 kg18000000 g634931.83296 oz39683.23956 lb
19 Metric Tons19000 kg19000000 g670205.82368 oz41887.86398 lb
20 Metric Tons20000 kg20000000 g705479.8144 oz44092.4884 lb