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The Ares is a measurement unit of Area, but it is a non-SI unit. The unit symbol of Ares is a, 1 Ares is equal to 100 Square Meters.

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Common Area Conversions

How many square meters are in one square feet?

1 Square Meters is equal to 10.76392 Square Feet.

How many square miles are in one square meters?

1 Square Miles is equal to 2590000 Square Meters.

How many square feet are in one square inches?

1 Square Feet is equal to 143.99994 Square Inches.

How many square miles are in one square kilometers?

1 Square Miles is equal to 2.59 Square Kilometers.

How many ares are in one square meters?

1 Ares is equal to 100 Square Meters.

How many square meters are in one acres?

1 Square Meters is equal to 0.00025 Acres.

How many square meters are in one square yards?

1 Square Meters is equal to 1.19599 Square Yards.

Area Unit Conversion Table

Convert From Square MilesSquare InchesSquare FeetSquare YardsSquare Meters
1 Ares3.8610038610039E-5 mi²155000.31 in²1076.39151 ft²119.59906 yd²100 m²
2 Ares7.7220077220077E-5 mi²310000.62 in²2152.78302 ft²239.19812 yd²200 m²
3 Ares0.00011583011583012 mi²465000.93 in²3229.17453 ft²358.79718 yd²300 m²
4 Ares0.00015444015444015 mi²620001.24 in²4305.56604 ft²478.39624 yd²400 m²
5 Ares0.00019305019305019 mi²775001.55 in²5381.95755 ft²597.9953 yd²500 m²
6 Ares0.00023166023166023 mi²930001.86 in²6458.34906 ft²717.59436 yd²600 m²
7 Ares0.00027027027027027 mi²1085002.17 in²7534.74057 ft²837.19342 yd²700 m²
8 Ares0.00030888030888031 mi²1240002.48 in²8611.13208 ft²956.79248 yd²800 m²
9 Ares0.00034749034749035 mi²1395002.79 in²9687.52359 ft²1076.39154 yd²900 m²
10 Ares0.00038610038610039 mi²1550003.1 in²10763.9151 ft²1195.9906 yd²1000 m²
11 Ares0.00042471042471042 mi²1705003.41 in²11840.30661 ft²1315.58966 yd²1100 m²
12 Ares0.00046332046332046 mi²1860003.72 in²12916.69812 ft²1435.18872 yd²1200 m²
13 Ares0.0005019305019305 mi²2015004.03 in²13993.08963 ft²1554.78778 yd²1300 m²
14 Ares0.00054054054054054 mi²2170004.34 in²15069.48114 ft²1674.38684 yd²1400 m²
15 Ares0.00057915057915058 mi²2325004.65 in²16145.87265 ft²1793.9859 yd²1500 m²
16 Ares0.00061776061776062 mi²2480004.96 in²17222.26416 ft²1913.58496 yd²1600 m²
17 Ares0.00065637065637066 mi²2635005.27 in²18298.65567 ft²2033.18402 yd²1700 m²
18 Ares0.0006949806949807 mi²2790005.58 in²19375.04718 ft²2152.78308 yd²1800 m²
19 Ares0.00073359073359073 mi²2945005.89 in²20451.43869 ft²2272.38214 yd²1900 m²
20 Ares0.00077220077220077 mi²3100006.2 in²21527.8302 ft²2391.9812 yd²2000 m²