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1 (m²) = 0.00025 (ac)

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How to Convert Square Meters to Acres

To convert Square Meters to Acres, multiply the Area by the conversion ratio. One Square Meters is equal to 0.00025 Acres, so use this simple formula to convert:

Square Meters = Acres × 0.00025

For example, here's how to convert 50000 Square Meters to Acres using the formula above.

50000 m² = (50000 × 0.00025) = 12.5 ac

1 Square Meter is equal to how many Acre?

1 Square Meter is equal to 0.00025 Acres: 1 m² = 0.00025 ac

There are 0.00025 Acres in 1 Square Meter. To convert from Square Meters to Acres, multiply your figure by 0.00025 (or divide by 4046.86) .

1 Acre is equal to how many Square Meter?

1 Acre is equal to 4046.86 Square Meters: 1 ac = 4046.86 m²

There are 4046.86 Square Meters in 1 Acre. To convert from Acres to Square Meters, multiply your figure by 4046.86 (or divide by 0.00025) .

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Converting Square Meters and Acres

Square MetersAcresAcresSquare Meters
1 m²0.00025 ac1 ac4046.86 m²
2 m²0.0005 ac2 ac8093.72 m²
3 m²0.00075 ac3 ac12140.58 m²
4 m²0.001 ac4 ac16187.44 m²
5 m²0.00125 ac5 ac20234.3 m²
6 m²0.0015 ac6 ac24281.16 m²
7 m²0.00175 ac7 ac28328.02 m²
8 m²0.002 ac8 ac32374.88 m²
9 m²0.00225 ac9 ac36421.74 m²
10 m²0.0025 ac10 ac40468.6 m²
11 m²0.00275 ac11 ac44515.46 m²
12 m²0.003 ac12 ac48562.32 m²
13 m²0.00325 ac13 ac52609.18 m²
14 m²0.0035 ac14 ac56656.04 m²
15 m²0.00375 ac15 ac60702.9 m²
16 m²0.004 ac16 ac64749.76 m²
17 m²0.00425 ac17 ac68796.62 m²
18 m²0.0045 ac18 ac72843.48 m²
19 m²0.00475 ac19 ac76890.34 m²
20 m²0.005 ac20 ac80937.2 m²