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The Square Yards is a measurement unit of Area, but it is a non-SI unit. The unit symbol of Square Yards is yd², 1 Square Yards is equal to 0.83613 Square Meters.

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Common Area Conversions

How many square meters are in one square feet?

1 Square Meters is equal to 10.76392 Square Feet.

How many square miles are in one square meters?

1 Square Miles is equal to 2590000 Square Meters.

How many square feet are in one square inches?

1 Square Feet is equal to 143.99994 Square Inches.

How many square miles are in one square kilometers?

1 Square Miles is equal to 2.59 Square Kilometers.

How many ares are in one square meters?

1 Ares is equal to 100 Square Meters.

How many square meters are in one acres?

1 Square Meters is equal to 0.00025 Acres.

How many square meters are in one square yards?

1 Square Meters is equal to 1.19599 Square Yards.

Area Unit Conversion Table

Convert From Square MilesSquare InchesSquare FeetSquare Meters
1 Square Yards3.2282895752896E-7 mi²1295.99944 in²9 ft²0.83613 m²
2 Square Yards6.4565791505792E-7 mi²2591.99888 in²18 ft²1.67226 m²
3 Square Yards9.6848687258687E-7 mi²3887.99832 in²27 ft²2.50839 m²
4 Square Yards1.2913158301158E-6 mi²5183.99776 in²36 ft²3.34452 m²
5 Square Yards1.6141447876448E-6 mi²6479.9972 in²45 ft²4.18065 m²
6 Square Yards1.9369737451737E-6 mi²7775.99664 in²54 ft²5.01678 m²
7 Square Yards2.2598027027027E-6 mi²9071.99608 in²63 ft²5.85291 m²
8 Square Yards2.5826316602317E-6 mi²10367.99552 in²72 ft²6.68904 m²
9 Square Yards2.9054606177606E-6 mi²11663.99496 in²81 ft²7.52517 m²
10 Square Yards3.2282895752896E-6 mi²12959.9944 in²90 ft²8.3613 m²
11 Square Yards3.5511185328185E-6 mi²14255.99384 in²99 ft²9.19743 m²
12 Square Yards3.8739474903475E-6 mi²15551.99328 in²108 ft²10.03356 m²
13 Square Yards4.1967764478765E-6 mi²16847.99272 in²117 ft²10.86969 m²
14 Square Yards4.5196054054054E-6 mi²18143.99216 in²126 ft²11.70582 m²
15 Square Yards4.8424343629344E-6 mi²19439.9916 in²135 ft²12.54195 m²
16 Square Yards5.1652633204633E-6 mi²20735.99104 in²144 ft²13.37808 m²
17 Square Yards5.4880922779923E-6 mi²22031.99048 in²153 ft²14.21421 m²
18 Square Yards5.8109212355212E-6 mi²23327.98992 in²162 ft²15.05034 m²
19 Square Yards6.1337501930502E-6 mi²24623.98936 in²171 ft²15.88647 m²
20 Square Yards6.4565791505792E-6 mi²25919.9888 in²180 ft²16.7226 m²