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The Square Feet is a measurement unit of Area, but it is a non-SI unit. The unit symbol of Square Feet is ft², 1 Square Feet is equal to 0.0929 Square Meters.

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Common Area Conversions

How many square meters are in one square feet?

1 Square Meters is equal to 10.76392 Square Feet.

How many square miles are in one square meters?

1 Square Miles is equal to 2590000 Square Meters.

How many square feet are in one square inches?

1 Square Feet is equal to 143.99994 Square Inches.

How many square miles are in one square kilometers?

1 Square Miles is equal to 2.59 Square Kilometers.

How many ares are in one square meters?

1 Ares is equal to 100 Square Meters.

How many square meters are in one acres?

1 Square Meters is equal to 0.00025 Acres.

How many square meters are in one square yards?

1 Square Meters is equal to 1.19599 Square Yards.

Area Unit Conversion Table

Convert From Square MilesSquare InchesSquare YardsSquare Meters
1 Square Feet3.5869884169884E-8 mi²143.99994 in²0.11111 yd²0.0929 m²
2 Square Feet7.1739768339768E-8 mi²287.99988 in²0.22222 yd²0.1858 m²
3 Square Feet1.0760965250965E-7 mi²431.99982 in²0.33333 yd²0.2787 m²
4 Square Feet1.4347953667954E-7 mi²575.99976 in²0.44444 yd²0.3716 m²
5 Square Feet1.7934942084942E-7 mi²719.9997 in²0.55555 yd²0.4645 m²
6 Square Feet2.152193050193E-7 mi²863.99964 in²0.66666 yd²0.5574 m²
7 Square Feet2.5108918918919E-7 mi²1007.99958 in²0.77777 yd²0.6503 m²
8 Square Feet2.8695907335907E-7 mi²1151.99952 in²0.88888 yd²0.7432 m²
9 Square Feet3.2282895752896E-7 mi²1295.99946 in²0.99999 yd²0.8361 m²
10 Square Feet3.5869884169884E-7 mi²1439.9994 in²1.1111 yd²0.929 m²
11 Square Feet3.9456872586872E-7 mi²1583.99934 in²1.22221 yd²1.0219 m²
12 Square Feet4.3043861003861E-7 mi²1727.99928 in²1.33332 yd²1.1148 m²
13 Square Feet4.6630849420849E-7 mi²1871.99922 in²1.44443 yd²1.2077 m²
14 Square Feet5.0217837837838E-7 mi²2015.99916 in²1.55554 yd²1.3006 m²
15 Square Feet5.3804826254826E-7 mi²2159.9991 in²1.66665 yd²1.3935 m²
16 Square Feet5.7391814671814E-7 mi²2303.99904 in²1.77776 yd²1.4864 m²
17 Square Feet6.0978803088803E-7 mi²2447.99898 in²1.88887 yd²1.5793 m²
18 Square Feet6.4565791505791E-7 mi²2591.99892 in²1.99998 yd²1.6722 m²
19 Square Feet6.815277992278E-7 mi²2735.99886 in²2.11109 yd²1.7651 m²
20 Square Feet7.1739768339768E-7 mi²2879.9988 in²2.2222 yd²1.858 m²