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The Hectares is a measurement unit of Area, but it is a non-SI unit. The unit symbol of Hectares is ha, 1 Hectares is equal to 10000 Square Meters.

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Common Area Conversions

How many square meters are in one square feet?

1 Square Meters is equal to 10.76392 Square Feet.

How many square miles are in one square meters?

1 Square Miles is equal to 2590000 Square Meters.

How many square feet are in one square inches?

1 Square Feet is equal to 143.99994 Square Inches.

How many square miles are in one square kilometers?

1 Square Miles is equal to 2.59 Square Kilometers.

How many ares are in one square meters?

1 Ares is equal to 100 Square Meters.

How many square meters are in one acres?

1 Square Meters is equal to 0.00025 Acres.

How many square meters are in one square yards?

1 Square Meters is equal to 1.19599 Square Yards.

Area Unit Conversion Table

Convert From Square MilesSquare InchesSquare FeetSquare YardsSquare Meters
1 Hectares0.00386 mi²15500031.00006 in²107639.15051 ft²11959.90561 yd²10000 m²
2 Hectares0.00772 mi²31000062.00012 in²215278.30102 ft²23919.81122 yd²20000 m²
3 Hectares0.01158 mi²46500093.00018 in²322917.45153 ft²35879.71683 yd²30000 m²
4 Hectares0.01544 mi²62000124.00024 in²430556.60204 ft²47839.62244 yd²40000 m²
5 Hectares0.0193 mi²77500155.0003 in²538195.75255 ft²59799.52805 yd²50000 m²
6 Hectares0.02316 mi²93000186.00036 in²645834.90306 ft²71759.43366 yd²60000 m²
7 Hectares0.02702 mi²108500217.00042 in²753474.05357 ft²83719.33927 yd²70000 m²
8 Hectares0.03088 mi²124000248.00048 in²861113.20408 ft²95679.24488 yd²80000 m²
9 Hectares0.03474 mi²139500279.00054 in²968752.35459 ft²107639.15049 yd²90000 m²
10 Hectares0.0386 mi²155000310.0006 in²1076391.5051 ft²119599.0561 yd²100000 m²
11 Hectares0.04246 mi²170500341.00066 in²1184030.65561 ft²131558.96171 yd²110000 m²
12 Hectares0.04632 mi²186000372.00072 in²1291669.80612 ft²143518.86732 yd²120000 m²
13 Hectares0.05018 mi²201500403.00078 in²1399308.95663 ft²155478.77293 yd²130000 m²
14 Hectares0.05404 mi²217000434.00084 in²1506948.10714 ft²167438.67854 yd²140000 m²
15 Hectares0.0579 mi²232500465.0009 in²1614587.25765 ft²179398.58415 yd²150000 m²
16 Hectares0.06176 mi²248000496.00096 in²1722226.40816 ft²191358.48976 yd²160000 m²
17 Hectares0.06562 mi²263500527.00102 in²1829865.55867 ft²203318.39537 yd²170000 m²
18 Hectares0.06948 mi²279000558.00108 in²1937504.70918 ft²215278.30098 yd²180000 m²
19 Hectares0.07334 mi²294500589.00114 in²2045143.85969 ft²227238.20659 yd²190000 m²
20 Hectares0.0772 mi²310000620.0012 in²2152783.0102 ft²239198.1122 yd²200000 m²