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1 Radians (rad)


0.15916 Revolutions (rev)

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1 (rad) = 0.15916 (rev)

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How to Convert Radians to Revolutions

To convert Radians to Revolutions, multiply the Angle by the conversion ratio. One Radians is equal to 0.15916 Revolutions, so use this simple formula to convert:

Radians = Revolutions × 0.15916

For example, here's how to convert 5 Radians to Revolutions using the formula above.

5 rad = (5 × 0.15916) = 0.7958 rev

1 Radian is equal to how many Revolution?

1 Radian is equal to 0.15916 Revolutions: 1 rad = 0.15916 rev

There are 0.15916 Revolutions in 1 Radian. To convert from Radians to Revolutions, multiply your figure by 0.15916 (or divide by 6.28318) .

1 Revolution is equal to how many Radian?

1 Revolution is equal to 6.28318 Radians: 1 rev = 6.28318 rad

There are 6.28318 Radians in 1 Revolution. To convert from Revolutions to Radians, multiply your figure by 6.28318 (or divide by 0.15916) .

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Converting Radians and Revolutions

1 rad0.15916 rev1 rev6.28318 rad
2 rad0.31832 rev2 rev12.56636 rad
3 rad0.47748 rev3 rev18.84954 rad
4 rad0.63664 rev4 rev25.13272 rad
5 rad0.7958 rev5 rev31.4159 rad
6 rad0.95496 rev6 rev37.69908 rad
7 rad1.11412 rev7 rev43.98226 rad
8 rad1.27328 rev8 rev50.26544 rad
9 rad1.43244 rev9 rev56.54862 rad
10 rad1.5916 rev10 rev62.8318 rad
11 rad1.75076 rev11 rev69.11498 rad
12 rad1.90992 rev12 rev75.39816 rad
13 rad2.06908 rev13 rev81.68134 rad
14 rad2.22824 rev14 rev87.96452 rad
15 rad2.3874 rev15 rev94.2477 rad
16 rad2.54656 rev16 rev100.53088 rad
17 rad2.70572 rev17 rev106.81406 rad
18 rad2.86488 rev18 rev113.09724 rad
19 rad3.02404 rev19 rev119.38042 rad
20 rad3.1832 rev20 rev125.6636 rad