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The Coulombs is a measurement unit of Electric Charge, It is a SI unit. The unit symbol of Coulombs is C, 1 Coulombs is equal to 2.777777777778E-10 Megaampere Hours.

Coulombs to Megaampere Hours Conversion.(C to MAh)

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Common Electric Charge Conversions

How many coulombs are in one ampere hours?

1 Coulombs is equal to 0.00028 Ampere Hours.

How many coulombs are in one milliampere hours?

1 Coulombs is equal to 0.27778 Milliampere Hours.

How many ampere hours are in one milliampere hours?

1 Ampere Hours is equal to 1000 Milliampere Hours.

How many kiloampere hours are in one megaampere hours?

1 Kiloampere Hours is equal to 0.001 Megaampere Hours.

How many ampere hours are in one coulombs?

1 Ampere Hours is equal to 3600 Coulombs.

How many milliampere hours are in one coulombs?

1 Milliampere Hours is equal to 3.6 Coulombs.

Electric Charge Unit Conversion Table

Convert From Milliampere HoursAmpere HoursMicroampere Hours
1 Coulombs0.27778 mAh0.00028 Ah277.77778 µAh
2 Coulombs0.55556 mAh0.00056 Ah555.55556 µAh
3 Coulombs0.83334 mAh0.00084 Ah833.33334 µAh
4 Coulombs1.11112 mAh0.00112 Ah1111.11112 µAh
5 Coulombs1.3889 mAh0.0014 Ah1388.8889 µAh
6 Coulombs1.66668 mAh0.00168 Ah1666.66668 µAh
7 Coulombs1.94446 mAh0.00196 Ah1944.44446 µAh
8 Coulombs2.22224 mAh0.00224 Ah2222.22224 µAh
9 Coulombs2.50002 mAh0.00252 Ah2500.00002 µAh
10 Coulombs2.7778 mAh0.0028 Ah2777.7778 µAh
11 Coulombs3.05558 mAh0.00308 Ah3055.55558 µAh
12 Coulombs3.33336 mAh0.00336 Ah3333.33336 µAh
13 Coulombs3.61114 mAh0.00364 Ah3611.11114 µAh
14 Coulombs3.88892 mAh0.00392 Ah3888.88892 µAh
15 Coulombs4.1667 mAh0.0042 Ah4166.6667 µAh
16 Coulombs4.44448 mAh0.00448 Ah4444.44448 µAh
17 Coulombs4.72226 mAh0.00476 Ah4722.22226 µAh
18 Coulombs5.00004 mAh0.00504 Ah5000.00004 µAh
19 Coulombs5.27782 mAh0.00532 Ah5277.77782 µAh
20 Coulombs5.5556 mAh0.0056 Ah5555.5556 µAh