Megaampere Hours(MAh) Conversion

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Megaampere Hours Conversion Calculators

The Megaampere Hours is a measurement unit of Electric Charge, but it is a non-SI unit. The unit symbol of Megaampere Hours is MAh, 1 Megaampere Hours is equal to 3600000000 Coulombs.

Megaampere Hours to Coulombs Conversion.(MAh to C)

Megaampere Hours to Kiloampere Hours Conversion.(MAh to kAh)

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Megaampere Hours to Milliampere Hours Conversion.(MAh to mAh)

Megaampere Hours to Microampere Hours Conversion.(MAh to µAh)

Common Electric Charge Conversions

How many coulombs are in one ampere hours?

1 Coulombs is equal to 0.00028 Ampere Hours.

How many coulombs are in one milliampere hours?

1 Coulombs is equal to 0.27778 Milliampere Hours.

How many ampere hours are in one milliampere hours?

1 Ampere Hours is equal to 1000 Milliampere Hours.

How many kiloampere hours are in one megaampere hours?

1 Kiloampere Hours is equal to 0.001 Megaampere Hours.

How many ampere hours are in one coulombs?

1 Ampere Hours is equal to 3600 Coulombs.

How many milliampere hours are in one coulombs?

1 Milliampere Hours is equal to 3.6 Coulombs.

Electric Charge Unit Conversion Table

Convert From CoulombsMilliampere HoursAmpere HoursMicroampere Hours
1 Megaampere Hours3600000000 C1000000000 mAh1000000 Ah1000000000000 µAh
2 Megaampere Hours7200000000 C2000000000 mAh2000000 Ah2000000000000 µAh
3 Megaampere Hours10800000000 C3000000000 mAh3000000 Ah3000000000000 µAh
4 Megaampere Hours14400000000 C4000000000 mAh4000000 Ah4000000000000 µAh
5 Megaampere Hours18000000000 C5000000000 mAh5000000 Ah5000000000000 µAh
6 Megaampere Hours21600000000 C6000000000 mAh6000000 Ah6000000000000 µAh
7 Megaampere Hours25200000000 C7000000000 mAh7000000 Ah7000000000000 µAh
8 Megaampere Hours28800000000 C8000000000 mAh8000000 Ah8000000000000 µAh
9 Megaampere Hours32400000000 C9000000000 mAh9000000 Ah9000000000000 µAh
10 Megaampere Hours36000000000 C10000000000 mAh10000000 Ah10000000000000 µAh
11 Megaampere Hours39600000000 C11000000000 mAh11000000 Ah11000000000000 µAh
12 Megaampere Hours43200000000 C12000000000 mAh12000000 Ah12000000000000 µAh
13 Megaampere Hours46800000000 C13000000000 mAh13000000 Ah13000000000000 µAh
14 Megaampere Hours50400000000 C14000000000 mAh14000000 Ah14000000000000 µAh
15 Megaampere Hours54000000000 C15000000000 mAh15000000 Ah15000000000000 µAh
16 Megaampere Hours57600000000 C16000000000 mAh16000000 Ah16000000000000 µAh
17 Megaampere Hours61200000000 C17000000000 mAh17000000 Ah17000000000000 µAh
18 Megaampere Hours64800000000 C18000000000 mAh18000000 Ah18000000000000 µAh
19 Megaampere Hours68400000000 C19000000000 mAh19000000 Ah19000000000000 µAh
20 Megaampere Hours72000000000 C20000000000 mAh20000000 Ah20000000000000 µAh