Microampere Hours(µAh) Conversion

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Microampere Hours Conversion Calculators

The Microampere Hours is a measurement unit of Electric Charge, but it is a non-SI unit. The unit symbol of Microampere Hours is µAh, 1 Microampere Hours is equal to 0.0036 Coulombs.

Microampere Hours to Coulombs Conversion.(µAh to C)

Microampere Hours to Megaampere Hours Conversion.(µAh to MAh)

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Common Electric Charge Conversions

How many coulombs are in one ampere hours?

1 Coulombs is equal to 0.00028 Ampere Hours.

How many coulombs are in one milliampere hours?

1 Coulombs is equal to 0.27778 Milliampere Hours.

How many ampere hours are in one milliampere hours?

1 Ampere Hours is equal to 1000 Milliampere Hours.

How many kiloampere hours are in one megaampere hours?

1 Kiloampere Hours is equal to 0.001 Megaampere Hours.

How many ampere hours are in one coulombs?

1 Ampere Hours is equal to 3600 Coulombs.

How many milliampere hours are in one coulombs?

1 Milliampere Hours is equal to 3.6 Coulombs.

Electric Charge Unit Conversion Table

Convert From CoulombsMilliampere HoursAmpere Hours
1 Microampere Hours0.0036 C0.001 mAh1.0E-6 Ah
2 Microampere Hours0.0072 C0.002 mAh2.0E-6 Ah
3 Microampere Hours0.0108 C0.003 mAh3.0E-6 Ah
4 Microampere Hours0.0144 C0.004 mAh4.0E-6 Ah
5 Microampere Hours0.018 C0.005 mAh5.0E-6 Ah
6 Microampere Hours0.0216 C0.006 mAh6.0E-6 Ah
7 Microampere Hours0.0252 C0.007 mAh7.0E-6 Ah
8 Microampere Hours0.0288 C0.008 mAh8.0E-6 Ah
9 Microampere Hours0.0324 C0.009 mAh9.0E-6 Ah
10 Microampere Hours0.036 C0.01 mAh1.0E-5 Ah
11 Microampere Hours0.0396 C0.011 mAh1.1E-5 Ah
12 Microampere Hours0.0432 C0.012 mAh1.2E-5 Ah
13 Microampere Hours0.0468 C0.013 mAh1.3E-5 Ah
14 Microampere Hours0.0504 C0.014 mAh1.4E-5 Ah
15 Microampere Hours0.054 C0.015 mAh1.5E-5 Ah
16 Microampere Hours0.0576 C0.016 mAh1.6E-5 Ah
17 Microampere Hours0.0612 C0.017 mAh1.7E-5 Ah
18 Microampere Hours0.0648 C0.018 mAh1.8E-5 Ah
19 Microampere Hours0.0684 C0.019 mAh1.9E-5 Ah
20 Microampere Hours0.072 C0.02 mAh2.0E-5 Ah