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The Amperes is a measurement unit of Electric Current, It is a SI unit. The unit symbol of Amperes is A, 1 Amperes is equal to 1.0E-6 Megaamperes.

Amperes to Megaamperes Conversion.(A to MA)

Amperes to Kiloamperes Conversion.(A to kA)

Amperes to Milliamperes Conversion.(A to mA)

Amperes to Microamperes Conversion.(A to µA)

Common Electric Current Conversions

How many amperes are in one kiloamperes?

1 Amperes is equal to 0.001 Kiloamperes.

How many amperes are in one megaamperes?

1 Amperes is equal to 1.0E-6 Megaamperes.

How many microamperes are in one milliamperes?

1 Microamperes is equal to 0.001 Milliamperes.

How many milliamperes are in one amperes?

1 Milliamperes is equal to 0.001 Amperes.

How many kiloamperes are in one megaamperes?

1 Kiloamperes is equal to 0.001 Megaamperes.

How many megaamperes are in one amperes?

1 Megaamperes is equal to 1000000 Amperes.

Electric Current Unit Conversion Table

Convert From MilliamperesKiloamperesMegaamperes
1 Amperes1000 mA0.001 kA1.0E-6 MA
2 Amperes2000 mA0.002 kA2.0E-6 MA
3 Amperes3000 mA0.003 kA3.0E-6 MA
4 Amperes4000 mA0.004 kA4.0E-6 MA
5 Amperes5000 mA0.005 kA5.0E-6 MA
6 Amperes6000 mA0.006 kA6.0E-6 MA
7 Amperes7000 mA0.007 kA7.0E-6 MA
8 Amperes8000 mA0.008 kA8.0E-6 MA
9 Amperes9000 mA0.009 kA9.0E-6 MA
10 Amperes10000 mA0.01 kA1.0E-5 MA
11 Amperes11000 mA0.011 kA1.1E-5 MA
12 Amperes12000 mA0.012 kA1.2E-5 MA
13 Amperes13000 mA0.013 kA1.3E-5 MA
14 Amperes14000 mA0.014 kA1.4E-5 MA
15 Amperes15000 mA0.015 kA1.5E-5 MA
16 Amperes16000 mA0.016 kA1.6E-5 MA
17 Amperes17000 mA0.017 kA1.7E-5 MA
18 Amperes18000 mA0.018 kA1.8E-5 MA
19 Amperes19000 mA0.019 kA1.9E-5 MA
20 Amperes20000 mA0.02 kA2.0E-5 MA