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1 Megaohms (MΩ)


1000 Kiloohms (kΩ)

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1 (MΩ) = 1000 (kΩ)

Do you want to convert Kiloohms to Megaohms?

How to Convert Megaohms to Kiloohms

To convert Megaohms to Kiloohms, multiply the Electric Resistance by the conversion ratio. One Megaohms is equal to 1000 Kiloohms, so use this simple formula to convert:

Megaohms = Kiloohms × 1000

For example, here's how to convert 5 Megaohms to Kiloohms using the formula above.

5 MΩ = (5 × 1000) = 5000 kΩ

1 Megaohm is equal to how many Kiloohm?

1 Megaohm is equal to 1000 Kiloohms: 1 MΩ = 1000 kΩ

There are 1000 Kiloohms in 1 Megaohm. To convert from Megaohms to Kiloohms, multiply your figure by 1000 (or divide by 0.001) .

1 Kiloohm is equal to how many Megaohm?

1 Kiloohm is equal to 0.001 Megaohms: 1 kΩ = 0.001 MΩ

There are 0.001 Megaohms in 1 Kiloohm. To convert from Kiloohms to Megaohms, multiply your figure by 0.001 (or divide by 1000) .

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Converting Megaohms and Kiloohms

1 MΩ1000 kΩ1 kΩ0.001 MΩ
2 MΩ2000 kΩ2 kΩ0.002 MΩ
3 MΩ3000 kΩ3 kΩ0.003 MΩ
4 MΩ4000 kΩ4 kΩ0.004 MΩ
5 MΩ5000 kΩ5 kΩ0.005 MΩ
6 MΩ6000 kΩ6 kΩ0.006 MΩ
7 MΩ7000 kΩ7 kΩ0.007 MΩ
8 MΩ8000 kΩ8 kΩ0.008 MΩ
9 MΩ9000 kΩ9 kΩ0.009 MΩ
10 MΩ10000 kΩ10 kΩ0.01 MΩ
11 MΩ11000 kΩ11 kΩ0.011 MΩ
12 MΩ12000 kΩ12 kΩ0.012 MΩ
13 MΩ13000 kΩ13 kΩ0.013 MΩ
14 MΩ14000 kΩ14 kΩ0.014 MΩ
15 MΩ15000 kΩ15 kΩ0.015 MΩ
16 MΩ16000 kΩ16 kΩ0.016 MΩ
17 MΩ17000 kΩ17 kΩ0.017 MΩ
18 MΩ18000 kΩ18 kΩ0.018 MΩ
19 MΩ19000 kΩ19 kΩ0.019 MΩ
20 MΩ20000 kΩ20 kΩ0.02 MΩ