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The Kilowatt Hours is a measurement unit of Energy, but it is a non-SI unit. The unit symbol of Kilowatt Hours is kWh, 1 Kilowatt Hours is equal to 3600000 Joules.

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Common Energy Conversions

How many kilojoules are in one joules?

1 Kilojoules is equal to 1000 Joules.

How many joules are in one calories?

1 Joules is equal to 0.23901 Calories.

How many kilocalories are in one kilojoules?

1 Kilocalories is equal to 4.184 Kilojoules.

How many kilojoules are in one joules?

1 Kilojoules is equal to 1000 Joules.

How many calories are in one joules?

1 Calories is equal to 4.184 Joules.

How many kilowatt hours are in one joules?

1 Kilowatt Hours is equal to 3600000 Joules.

How many joules are in one kilocalories?

1 Joules is equal to 0.00024 Kilocalories.

Energy Unit Conversion Table

Convert From JoulesKilojoulesKilocaloriesCalories
1 Kilowatt Hours3600000 J3600 kJ860.42065 kCal860420.6501 cal
2 Kilowatt Hours7200000 J7200 kJ1720.8413 kCal1720841.3002 cal
3 Kilowatt Hours10800000 J10800 kJ2581.26195 kCal2581261.9503 cal
4 Kilowatt Hours14400000 J14400 kJ3441.6826 kCal3441682.6004 cal
5 Kilowatt Hours18000000 J18000 kJ4302.10325 kCal4302103.2505 cal
6 Kilowatt Hours21600000 J21600 kJ5162.5239 kCal5162523.9006 cal
7 Kilowatt Hours25200000 J25200 kJ6022.94455 kCal6022944.5507 cal
8 Kilowatt Hours28800000 J28800 kJ6883.3652 kCal6883365.2008 cal
9 Kilowatt Hours32400000 J32400 kJ7743.78585 kCal7743785.8509 cal
10 Kilowatt Hours36000000 J36000 kJ8604.2065 kCal8604206.501 cal
11 Kilowatt Hours39600000 J39600 kJ9464.62715 kCal9464627.1511 cal
12 Kilowatt Hours43200000 J43200 kJ10325.0478 kCal10325047.8012 cal
13 Kilowatt Hours46800000 J46800 kJ11185.46845 kCal11185468.4513 cal
14 Kilowatt Hours50400000 J50400 kJ12045.8891 kCal12045889.1014 cal
15 Kilowatt Hours54000000 J54000 kJ12906.30975 kCal12906309.7515 cal
16 Kilowatt Hours57600000 J57600 kJ13766.7304 kCal13766730.4016 cal
17 Kilowatt Hours61200000 J61200 kJ14627.15105 kCal14627151.0517 cal
18 Kilowatt Hours64800000 J64800 kJ15487.5717 kCal15487571.7018 cal
19 Kilowatt Hours68400000 J68400 kJ16347.99235 kCal16347992.3519 cal
20 Kilowatt Hours72000000 J72000 kJ17208.413 kCal17208413.002 cal