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The Phots is a measurement unit of Illuminance, but it is a non-SI unit. The unit symbol of Phots is ph, 1 Phots is equal to 1000 Lux.

Phots to Lux Conversion.(ph to lx)

Phots to Kilolux Conversion.(ph to klx)

Phots to Microlux Conversion.(ph to µlx)

Phots to Millilux Conversion.(ph to mlx)

Common Illuminance Conversions

How many lux are in one kilolux?

1 Lux is equal to 0.001 Kilolux.

How many kilolux are in one microlux?

1 Kilolux is equal to 1000000000 Microlux.

How many millilux are in one lux?

1 Millilux is equal to 0.001 Lux.

How many microlux are in one lux?

1 Microlux is equal to 1.0E-6 Lux.

How many lux are in one millilux?

1 Lux is equal to 1000 Millilux.

How many phots are in one kilolux?

1 Phots is equal to 1 Kilolux.

Illuminance Unit Conversion Table

Convert From LuxKiloluxMicroluxMillilux
1 Phots1000 lx1 klx1000000000 µlx1000000 mlx
2 Phots2000 lx2 klx2000000000 µlx2000000 mlx
3 Phots3000 lx3 klx3000000000 µlx3000000 mlx
4 Phots4000 lx4 klx4000000000 µlx4000000 mlx
5 Phots5000 lx5 klx5000000000 µlx5000000 mlx
6 Phots6000 lx6 klx6000000000 µlx6000000 mlx
7 Phots7000 lx7 klx7000000000 µlx7000000 mlx
8 Phots8000 lx8 klx8000000000 µlx8000000 mlx
9 Phots9000 lx9 klx9000000000 µlx9000000 mlx
10 Phots10000 lx10 klx10000000000 µlx10000000 mlx
11 Phots11000 lx11 klx11000000000 µlx11000000 mlx
12 Phots12000 lx12 klx12000000000 µlx12000000 mlx
13 Phots13000 lx13 klx13000000000 µlx13000000 mlx
14 Phots14000 lx14 klx14000000000 µlx14000000 mlx
15 Phots15000 lx15 klx15000000000 µlx15000000 mlx
16 Phots16000 lx16 klx16000000000 µlx16000000 mlx
17 Phots17000 lx17 klx17000000000 µlx17000000 mlx
18 Phots18000 lx18 klx18000000000 µlx18000000 mlx
19 Phots19000 lx19 klx19000000000 µlx19000000 mlx
20 Phots20000 lx20 klx20000000000 µlx20000000 mlx