Nautical Miles to Fathoms Conversion

Convert Nautical Miles to Fathoms (NM to ftm)

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1 Nautical Miles (NM)


1012.68591 Fathoms (ftm)

Enter the number of Nautical Miles(NM) to convert into Fathoms(ftm).

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1 (NM) = 1012.68591 (ftm)

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How to Convert Nautical Miles to Fathoms

To convert Nautical Miles to Fathoms, multiply the Length by the conversion ratio. One Nautical Miles is equal to 1012.68591 Fathoms, so use this simple formula to convert:

Nautical Miles = Fathoms × 1012.68591

For example, here's how to convert 5 Nautical Miles to Fathoms using the formula above.

5 NM = (5 × 1012.68591) = 5063.42955 ftm

1 Nautical Miles is equal to how many Fathoms?

1 Nautical Miles is equal to 1012.68591 Fathoms: 1 NM = 1012.68591 ftm

There are 1012.68591 Fathoms in 1 Nautical Miles. To convert from Nautical Miles to Fathoms, multiply your figure by 1012.68591 (or divide by 0.00099) .

1 Fathoms is equal to how many Nautical Miles?

1 Fathoms is equal to 0.00099 Nautical Miles: 1 ftm = 0.00099 NM

There are 0.00099 Nautical Miles in 1 Fathoms. To convert from Fathoms to Nautical Miles, multiply your figure by 0.00099 (or divide by 1012.68591) .

Feet+Inches to Meters Conversion

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Meter (m):

Results in Feet+Inches to Meters:

1ft × 0.3048 = 0.3048 m

Converting Nautical Miles and Fathoms

Nautical MilesFathomsFathomsNautical Miles
1 NM1012.68591 ftm1 ftm0.00099 NM
2 NM2025.37182 ftm2 ftm0.00198 NM
3 NM3038.05773 ftm3 ftm0.00297 NM
4 NM4050.74364 ftm4 ftm0.00396 NM
5 NM5063.42955 ftm5 ftm0.00495 NM
6 NM6076.11546 ftm6 ftm0.00594 NM
7 NM7088.80137 ftm7 ftm0.00693 NM
8 NM8101.48728 ftm8 ftm0.00792 NM
9 NM9114.17319 ftm9 ftm0.00891 NM
10 NM10126.8591 ftm10 ftm0.0099 NM
11 NM11139.54501 ftm11 ftm0.01089 NM
12 NM12152.23092 ftm12 ftm0.01188 NM
13 NM13164.91683 ftm13 ftm0.01287 NM
14 NM14177.60274 ftm14 ftm0.01386 NM
15 NM15190.28865 ftm15 ftm0.01485 NM
16 NM16202.97456 ftm16 ftm0.01584 NM
17 NM17215.66047 ftm17 ftm0.01683 NM
18 NM18228.34638 ftm18 ftm0.01782 NM
19 NM19241.03229 ftm19 ftm0.01881 NM
20 NM20253.7182 ftm20 ftm0.0198 NM