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The Horsepower is a measurement unit of Power, but it is a non-SI unit. The unit symbol of Horsepower is hp, 1 Horsepower is equal to 745.7 Watts.

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Common Power Conversions

How many watts are in one kilowatts?

1 Watts is equal to 0.001 Kilowatts.

How many watts are in one milliwatts?

1 Watts is equal to 1000 Milliwatts.

How many kilowatts are in one watts?

1 Kilowatts is equal to 1000 Watts.

How many nanowatts are in one nanowatts?

1 Nanowatts is equal to 1 Nanowatts.

How many milliwatts are in one microwatts?

1 Milliwatts is equal to 1000 Microwatts.

How many megawatts are in one watts?

1 Megawatts is equal to 1000000 Watts.

How many kilowatts are in one watts?

1 Kilowatts is equal to 1000 Watts.

Power Unit Conversion Table

Convert From WattsMilliwattsKilowattsMegawatts
1 Horsepower745.7 W745700 mW0.7457 kW0.00075 MW
2 Horsepower1491.4 W1491400 mW1.4914 kW0.0015 MW
3 Horsepower2237.1 W2237100 mW2.2371 kW0.00225 MW
4 Horsepower2982.8 W2982800 mW2.9828 kW0.003 MW
5 Horsepower3728.5 W3728500 mW3.7285 kW0.00375 MW
6 Horsepower4474.2 W4474200 mW4.4742 kW0.0045 MW
7 Horsepower5219.9 W5219900 mW5.2199 kW0.00525 MW
8 Horsepower5965.6 W5965600 mW5.9656 kW0.006 MW
9 Horsepower6711.3 W6711300 mW6.7113 kW0.00675 MW
10 Horsepower7457 W7457000 mW7.457 kW0.0075 MW
11 Horsepower8202.7 W8202700 mW8.2027 kW0.00825 MW
12 Horsepower8948.4 W8948400 mW8.9484 kW0.009 MW
13 Horsepower9694.1 W9694100 mW9.6941 kW0.00975 MW
14 Horsepower10439.8 W10439800 mW10.4398 kW0.0105 MW
15 Horsepower11185.5 W11185500 mW11.1855 kW0.01125 MW
16 Horsepower11931.2 W11931200 mW11.9312 kW0.012 MW
17 Horsepower12676.9 W12676900 mW12.6769 kW0.01275 MW
18 Horsepower13422.6 W13422600 mW13.4226 kW0.0135 MW
19 Horsepower14168.3 W14168300 mW14.1683 kW0.01425 MW
20 Horsepower14914 W14914000 mW14.914 kW0.015 MW