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The Pascals is a measurement unit of Pressure, It is a SI unit. The unit symbol of Pascals is Pa, 1 Pascals is equal to 1 Newtons Per Meter Squared.

Pascals to Newtons Per Meter Squared Conversion.(Pa to N/m²)

Pascals to Gigapascals Conversion.(Pa to GPa)

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Pascals to Pounds Per Square Inch Conversion.(Pa to psi)

Common Pressure Conversions

How many pascals are in one gigapascals?

1 Pascals is equal to 1.0E-9 Gigapascals.

How many newtons per meter squared are in one bars?

1 Newtons Per Meter Squared is equal to 1.0E-5 Bars.

How many kilopascals are in one pascals?

1 Kilopascals is equal to 1000 Pascals.

How many bars are in one pascals?

1 Bars is equal to 100000 Pascals.

How many pascals are in one inches of mercury?

1 Pascals is equal to 0.0003 Inches of Mercury.

How many millibars are in one bars?

1 Millibars is equal to 0.001 Bars.

How many pascals are in one newtons per meter squared?

1 Pascals is equal to 1 Newtons Per Meter Squared.

Pressure Unit Conversion Table

Convert From BarsInches of MercuryPounds Per Square Inch
1 Pascals1.0E-5 bar0.0003 inHg0.00015 psi
2 Pascals2.0E-5 bar0.0006 inHg0.0003 psi
3 Pascals3.0E-5 bar0.0009 inHg0.00045 psi
4 Pascals4.0E-5 bar0.0012 inHg0.0006 psi
5 Pascals5.0E-5 bar0.0015 inHg0.00075 psi
6 Pascals6.0E-5 bar0.0018 inHg0.0009 psi
7 Pascals7.0E-5 bar0.0021 inHg0.00105 psi
8 Pascals8.0E-5 bar0.0024 inHg0.0012 psi
9 Pascals9.0E-5 bar0.0027 inHg0.00135 psi
10 Pascals0.0001 bar0.003 inHg0.0015 psi
11 Pascals0.00011 bar0.0033 inHg0.00165 psi
12 Pascals0.00012 bar0.0036 inHg0.0018 psi
13 Pascals0.00013 bar0.0039 inHg0.00195 psi
14 Pascals0.00014 bar0.0042 inHg0.0021 psi
15 Pascals0.00015 bar0.0045 inHg0.00225 psi
16 Pascals0.00016 bar0.0048 inHg0.0024 psi
17 Pascals0.00017 bar0.0051 inHg0.00255 psi
18 Pascals0.00018 bar0.0054 inHg0.0027 psi
19 Pascals0.00019 bar0.0057 inHg0.00285 psi
20 Pascals0.0002 bar0.006 inHg0.003 psi