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1 (W) = 7 (D)

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How to Convert Weeks to Days

To convert Weeks to Days, multiply the Time by the conversion ratio. One Weeks is equal to 7 Days, so use this simple formula to convert:

Weeks = Days × 7

For example, here's how to convert 5 Weeks to Days using the formula above.

5 W = (5 × 7) = 35 D

1 Week is equal to how many Day?

1 Week is equal to 7 Days: 1 W = 7 D

There are 7 Days in 1 Week. To convert from Weeks to Days, multiply your figure by 7 (or divide by 0.14286) .

1 Day is equal to how many Week?

1 Day is equal to 0.14286 Weeks: 1 D = 0.14286 W

There are 0.14286 Weeks in 1 Day. To convert from Days to Weeks, multiply your figure by 0.14286 (or divide by 7) .

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Converting Weeks and Days

1 W7 D1 D0.14286 W
2 W14 D2 D0.28572 W
3 W21 D3 D0.42858 W
4 W28 D4 D0.57144 W
5 W35 D5 D0.7143 W
6 W42 D6 D0.85716 W
7 W49 D7 D1.00002 W
8 W56 D8 D1.14288 W
9 W63 D9 D1.28574 W
10 W70 D10 D1.4286 W
11 W77 D11 D1.57146 W
12 W84 D12 D1.71432 W
13 W91 D13 D1.85718 W
14 W98 D14 D2.00004 W
15 W105 D15 D2.1429 W
16 W112 D16 D2.28576 W
17 W119 D17 D2.42862 W
18 W126 D18 D2.57148 W
19 W133 D19 D2.71434 W
20 W140 D20 D2.8572 W