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1 Arc Minutes (ʹ)


0.00029 Radians (rad)

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1 (ʹ) = 0.00029 (rad)

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How to Convert Arc Minutes to Radians

To convert Arc Minutes to Radians, multiply the Angle by the conversion ratio. One Arc Minutes is equal to 0.00029 Radians, so use this simple formula to convert:

Arc Minutes = Radians × 0.00029

For example, here's how to convert 50000 Arc Minutes to Radians using the formula above.

50000 ʹ = (50000 × 0.00029) = 14.5 rad

1 Arc Minute is equal to how many Radian?

1 Arc Minute is equal to 0.00029 Radians: 1 ʹ = 0.00029 rad

There are 0.00029 Radians in 1 Arc Minute. To convert from Arc Minutes to Radians, multiply your figure by 0.00029 (or divide by 3437.67925) .

1 Radian is equal to how many Arc Minute?

1 Radian is equal to 3437.67925 Arc Minutes: 1 rad = 3437.67925 ʹ

There are 3437.67925 Arc Minutes in 1 Radian. To convert from Radians to Arc Minutes, multiply your figure by 3437.67925 (or divide by 0.00029) .

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Converting Arc Minutes and Radians

Arc MinutesRadiansRadiansArc Minutes
1 ʹ0.00029 rad1 rad3437.67925 ʹ
2 ʹ0.00058 rad2 rad6875.3585 ʹ
3 ʹ0.00087 rad3 rad10313.03775 ʹ
4 ʹ0.00116 rad4 rad13750.717 ʹ
5 ʹ0.00145 rad5 rad17188.39625 ʹ
6 ʹ0.00174 rad6 rad20626.0755 ʹ
7 ʹ0.00203 rad7 rad24063.75475 ʹ
8 ʹ0.00232 rad8 rad27501.434 ʹ
9 ʹ0.00261 rad9 rad30939.11325 ʹ
10 ʹ0.0029 rad10 rad34376.7925 ʹ
11 ʹ0.00319 rad11 rad37814.47175 ʹ
12 ʹ0.00348 rad12 rad41252.151 ʹ
13 ʹ0.00377 rad13 rad44689.83025 ʹ
14 ʹ0.00406 rad14 rad48127.5095 ʹ
15 ʹ0.00435 rad15 rad51565.18875 ʹ
16 ʹ0.00464 rad16 rad55002.868 ʹ
17 ʹ0.00493 rad17 rad58440.54725 ʹ
18 ʹ0.00522 rad18 rad61878.2265 ʹ
19 ʹ0.00551 rad19 rad65315.90575 ʹ
20 ʹ0.0058 rad20 rad68753.585 ʹ