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The Arc Minutes is a measurement unit of Angle, but it is a non-SI unit. The unit symbol of Arc Minutes is ʹ, 1 Arc Minutes is equal to 0.01667 Degrees.

Arc Minutes to Degrees Conversion.(ʹ to °)

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Arc Minutes to Radians Conversion.(ʹ to rad)

Arc Minutes to Gradians Conversion.(ʹ to grad)

Arc Minutes to Revolutions Conversion.(ʹ to rev)

Common Angle Conversions

How many degrees are in one radians?

1 Degrees is equal to 0.01745 Radians.

How many arc minutes are in one radians?

1 Arc Minutes is equal to 0.00029 Radians.

How many degrees are in one gradians?

1 Degrees is equal to 1.11111 Gradians.

How many revolutions are in one gradians?

1 Revolutions is equal to 400 Gradians.

How many radians are in one revolutions?

1 Radians is equal to 0.15916 Revolutions.

How many gradians are in one degrees?

1 Gradians is equal to 0.9 Degrees.

How many revolutions are in one degrees?

1 Revolutions is equal to 360 Degrees.

Angle Unit Conversion Table

Convert From DegreesRadiansGradiansRevolutions
1 Arc Minutes0.01667 °0.00029 rad0.01852 grad4.6297222222222E-5 rev
2 Arc Minutes0.03334 °0.00058 rad0.03704 grad9.2594444444444E-5 rev
3 Arc Minutes0.05001 °0.00087 rad0.05556 grad0.00013889166666667 rev
4 Arc Minutes0.06668 °0.00116 rad0.07408 grad0.00018518888888889 rev
5 Arc Minutes0.08335 °0.00145 rad0.0926 grad0.00023148611111111 rev
6 Arc Minutes0.10002 °0.00174 rad0.11112 grad0.00027778333333333 rev
7 Arc Minutes0.11669 °0.00203 rad0.12964 grad0.00032408055555556 rev
8 Arc Minutes0.13336 °0.00232 rad0.14816 grad0.00037037777777778 rev
9 Arc Minutes0.15003 °0.00261 rad0.16668 grad0.000416675 rev
10 Arc Minutes0.1667 °0.0029 rad0.1852 grad0.00046297222222222 rev
11 Arc Minutes0.18337 °0.00319 rad0.20372 grad0.00050926944444444 rev
12 Arc Minutes0.20004 °0.00348 rad0.22224 grad0.00055556666666667 rev
13 Arc Minutes0.21671 °0.00377 rad0.24076 grad0.00060186388888889 rev
14 Arc Minutes0.23338 °0.00406 rad0.25928 grad0.00064816111111111 rev
15 Arc Minutes0.25005 °0.00435 rad0.2778 grad0.00069445833333333 rev
16 Arc Minutes0.26672 °0.00464 rad0.29632 grad0.00074075555555556 rev
17 Arc Minutes0.28339 °0.00493 rad0.31484 grad0.00078705277777778 rev
18 Arc Minutes0.30006 °0.00522 rad0.33336 grad0.00083335 rev
19 Arc Minutes0.31673 °0.00551 rad0.35188 grad0.00087964722222222 rev
20 Arc Minutes0.3334 °0.0058 rad0.3704 grad0.00092594444444444 rev