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The Astronomical Units is a measurement unit of Length, but it is a non-SI unit. The unit symbol of Astronomical Units is ua, 1 Astronomical Units is equal to 149600000000 Meters.

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Common Length Conversions

How many miles are in one kilometers?

1 Miles is equal to 1.60934 Kilometers.

How many kilometers are in one miles?

1 Kilometers is equal to 0.62137 Miles.

How many feet are in one inches?

1 Feet is equal to 12 Inches.

How many feet are in one meters?

1 Feet is equal to 0.3048 Meters.

How many miles are in one kilometers?

1 Miles is equal to 1.60934 Kilometers.

How many inches are in one centimeters?

1 Inches is equal to 2.54 Centimeters.

How many meters are in one feet?

1 Meters is equal to 3.28084 Feet.

Length Unit Conversion Table

Convert From MilesFeetYardsInchesMeters
1 Astronomical Units92957361.40281 mi490813648293.96 ft163604549431.32 yd5889763779527.6 in149600000000 m
2 Astronomical Units185914722.80562 mi981627296587.93 ft327209098862.64 yd11779527559055 in299200000000 m
3 Astronomical Units278872084.20843 mi1472440944881.9 ft490813648293.96 yd17669291338583 in448800000000 m
4 Astronomical Units371829445.61124 mi1963254593175.9 ft654418197725.28 yd23559055118110 in598400000000 m
5 Astronomical Units464786807.01405 mi2454068241469.8 ft818022747156.61 yd29448818897638 in748000000000 m
6 Astronomical Units557744168.41686 mi2944881889763.8 ft981627296587.93 yd35338582677165 in897600000000 m
7 Astronomical Units650701529.81967 mi3435695538057.7 ft1145231846019.2 yd41228346456693 in1047200000000 m
8 Astronomical Units743658891.22248 mi3926509186351.7 ft1308836395450.6 yd47118110236220 in1196800000000 m
9 Astronomical Units836616252.62529 mi4417322834645.7 ft1472440944881.9 yd53007874015748 in1346400000000 m
10 Astronomical Units929573614.0281 mi4908136482939.6 ft1636045494313.2 yd58897637795276 in1496000000000 m
11 Astronomical Units1022530975.4309 mi5398950131233.6 ft1799650043744.5 yd64787401574803 in1645600000000 m
12 Astronomical Units1115488336.8337 mi5889763779527.6 ft1963254593175.9 yd70677165354331 in1795200000000 m
13 Astronomical Units1208445698.2365 mi6380577427821.5 ft2126859142607.2 yd76566929133858 in1944800000000 m
14 Astronomical Units1301403059.6393 mi6871391076115.5 ft2290463692038.5 yd82456692913386 in2094400000000 m
15 Astronomical Units1394360421.0422 mi7362204724409.4 ft2454068241469.8 yd88346456692913 in2244000000000 m
16 Astronomical Units1487317782.445 mi7853018372703.4 ft2617672790901.1 yd94236220472441 in2393600000000 m
17 Astronomical Units1580275143.8478 mi8343832020997.4 ft2781277340332.5 yd1.0012598425197E+14 in2543200000000 m
18 Astronomical Units1673232505.2506 mi8834645669291.3 ft2944881889763.8 yd1.060157480315E+14 in2692800000000 m
19 Astronomical Units1766189866.6534 mi9325459317585.3 ft3108486439195.1 yd1.1190551181102E+14 in2842400000000 m
20 Astronomical Units1859147228.0562 mi9816272965879.3 ft3272090988626.4 yd1.1779527559055E+14 in2992000000000 m