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1 Feet (ft)


0.3048 Meters (m)

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1 (ft) = 0.3048 (m)

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How to Convert Feet to Meters

To convert Feet to Meters, multiply the Length by the conversion ratio. One Feet is equal to 0.3048 Meters, so use this simple formula to convert:

Feet = Meters × 0.3048

For example, here's how to convert 5 Feet to Meters using the formula above.

5 ft = (5 × 0.3048) = 1.524 m

1 Feet is equal to how many Meters?

1 Feet is equal to 0.3048 Meters: 1 ft = 0.3048 m

There are 0.3048 Meters in 1 Feet. To convert from Feet to Meters, multiply your figure by 0.3048 (or divide by 3.28084) .

1 Meters is equal to how many Feet?

1 Meters is equal to 3.28084 Feet: 1 m = 3.28084 ft

There are 3.28084 Feet in 1 Meters. To convert from Meters to Feet, multiply your figure by 3.28084 (or divide by 0.3048) .

Feet+Inches to Meters Conversion

Feet (ft):

Inches (in):

Meter (m):

Results in Feet+Inches to Meters:

1ft × 0.3048 = 0.3048 m

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Converting Feet and Meters

1 ft0.3048 m1 m3.28084 ft
2 ft0.6096 m2 m6.56168 ft
3 ft0.9144 m3 m9.84252 ft
4 ft1.2192 m4 m13.12336 ft
5 ft1.524 m5 m16.4042 ft
6 ft1.8288 m6 m19.68504 ft
7 ft2.1336 m7 m22.96588 ft
8 ft2.4384 m8 m26.24672 ft
9 ft2.7432 m9 m29.52756 ft
10 ft3.048 m10 m32.8084 ft
11 ft3.3528 m11 m36.08924 ft
12 ft3.6576 m12 m39.37008 ft
13 ft3.9624 m13 m42.65092 ft
14 ft4.2672 m14 m45.93176 ft
15 ft4.572 m15 m49.2126 ft
16 ft4.8768 m16 m52.49344 ft
17 ft5.1816 m17 m55.77428 ft
18 ft5.4864 m18 m59.05512 ft
19 ft5.7912 m19 m62.33596 ft
20 ft6.096 m20 m65.6168 ft