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The Feet is a measurement unit of Length, but it is a non-SI unit. The unit symbol of Feet is ft, 1 Feet is equal to 0.3048 Meters.

Feet to Meters Conversion.(ft to m)

Feet to Kilometers Conversion.(ft to kM)

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Feet to Light Years Conversion.(ft to ly)

Feet to Fathoms Conversion.(ft to ftm)

Feet to Furlongs Conversion.(ft to fur)

Feet to Astronomical Units Conversion.(ft to ua)

Feet to Parsecs Conversion.(ft to pc)

Common Length Conversions

How many miles are in one kilometers?

1 Miles is equal to 1.60934 Kilometers.

How many kilometers are in one miles?

1 Kilometers is equal to 0.62137 Miles.

How many feet are in one inches?

1 Feet is equal to 12 Inches.

How many feet are in one meters?

1 Feet is equal to 0.3048 Meters.

How many miles are in one kilometers?

1 Miles is equal to 1.60934 Kilometers.

How many inches are in one centimeters?

1 Inches is equal to 2.54 Centimeters.

How many meters are in one feet?

1 Meters is equal to 3.28084 Feet.

Length Unit Conversion Table

Convert From MilesYardsInchesMeters
1 Feet0.00019 mi0.33333 yd12 in0.3048 m
2 Feet0.00038 mi0.66666 yd24 in0.6096 m
3 Feet0.00057 mi0.99999 yd36 in0.9144 m
4 Feet0.00076 mi1.33332 yd48 in1.2192 m
5 Feet0.00095 mi1.66665 yd60 in1.524 m
6 Feet0.00114 mi1.99998 yd72 in1.8288 m
7 Feet0.00133 mi2.33331 yd84 in2.1336 m
8 Feet0.00152 mi2.66664 yd96 in2.4384 m
9 Feet0.00171 mi2.99997 yd108 in2.7432 m
10 Feet0.0019 mi3.3333 yd120 in3.048 m
11 Feet0.00209 mi3.66663 yd132 in3.3528 m
12 Feet0.00228 mi3.99996 yd144 in3.6576 m
13 Feet0.00247 mi4.33329 yd156 in3.9624 m
14 Feet0.00266 mi4.66662 yd168 in4.2672 m
15 Feet0.00285 mi4.99995 yd180 in4.572 m
16 Feet0.00304 mi5.33328 yd192 in4.8768 m
17 Feet0.00323 mi5.66661 yd204 in5.1816 m
18 Feet0.00342 mi5.99994 yd216 in5.4864 m
19 Feet0.00361 mi6.33327 yd228 in5.7912 m
20 Feet0.0038 mi6.6666 yd240 in6.096 m