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1 Feet (ft)


0.0003 Kilometers (kM)

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1 (ft) = 0.0003 (kM)

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How to Convert Feet to Kilometers

To convert Feet to Kilometers, multiply the Length by the conversion ratio. One Feet is equal to 0.0003 Kilometers, so use this simple formula to convert:

Feet = Kilometers × 0.0003

For example, here's how to convert 5000 Feet to Kilometers using the formula above.

5000 ft = (5000 × 0.0003) = 1.5 kM

1 Feet is equal to how many Kilometers?

1 Feet is equal to 0.0003 Kilometers: 1 ft = 0.0003 kM

There are 0.0003 Kilometers in 1 Feet. To convert from Feet to Kilometers, multiply your figure by 0.0003 (or divide by 3280.8399) .

1 Kilometers is equal to how many Feet?

1 Kilometers is equal to 3280.8399 Feet: 1 kM = 3280.8399 ft

There are 3280.8399 Feet in 1 Kilometers. To convert from Kilometers to Feet, multiply your figure by 3280.8399 (or divide by 0.0003) .

Feet+Inches to Meters Conversion

Feet (ft):

Inches (in):

Meter (m):

Results in Feet+Inches to Meters:

1ft × 0.3048 = 0.3048 m

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Converting Feet and Kilometers

1 ft0.0003 kM1 kM3280.8399 ft
2 ft0.0006 kM2 kM6561.6798 ft
3 ft0.0009 kM3 kM9842.5197 ft
4 ft0.0012 kM4 kM13123.3596 ft
5 ft0.0015 kM5 kM16404.1995 ft
6 ft0.0018 kM6 kM19685.0394 ft
7 ft0.0021 kM7 kM22965.8793 ft
8 ft0.0024 kM8 kM26246.7192 ft
9 ft0.0027 kM9 kM29527.5591 ft
10 ft0.003 kM10 kM32808.399 ft
11 ft0.0033 kM11 kM36089.2389 ft
12 ft0.0036 kM12 kM39370.0788 ft
13 ft0.0039 kM13 kM42650.9187 ft
14 ft0.0042 kM14 kM45931.7586 ft
15 ft0.0045 kM15 kM49212.5985 ft
16 ft0.0048 kM16 kM52493.4384 ft
17 ft0.0051 kM17 kM55774.2783 ft
18 ft0.0054 kM18 kM59055.1182 ft
19 ft0.0057 kM19 kM62335.9581 ft
20 ft0.006 kM20 kM65616.798 ft