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The Light Years is a measurement unit of Length, but it is a non-SI unit. The unit symbol of Light Years is ly, 1 Light Years is equal to 9.461E+15 Meters.

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Common Length Conversions

How many miles are in one kilometers?

1 Miles is equal to 1.60934 Kilometers.

How many kilometers are in one miles?

1 Kilometers is equal to 0.62137 Miles.

How many feet are in one inches?

1 Feet is equal to 12 Inches.

How many feet are in one meters?

1 Feet is equal to 0.3048 Meters.

How many miles are in one kilometers?

1 Miles is equal to 1.60934 Kilometers.

How many inches are in one centimeters?

1 Inches is equal to 2.54 Centimeters.

How many meters are in one feet?

1 Meters is equal to 3.28084 Feet.

Length Unit Conversion Table

Convert From MilesFeetYardsInchesMeters
1 Light Years5878807461443.8 mi3.1040026246719E+16 ft1.0346675415573E+16 yd3.7248031496063E+17 in9.461E+15 m
2 Light Years11757614922888 mi6.2080052493438E+16 ft2.0693350831146E+16 yd7.4496062992126E+17 in1.8922E+16 m
3 Light Years17636422384331 mi9.3120078740157E+16 ft3.1040026246719E+16 yd1.1174409448819E+18 in2.8383E+16 m
4 Light Years23515229845775 mi1.2416010498688E+17 ft4.1386701662292E+16 yd1.4899212598425E+18 in3.7844E+16 m
5 Light Years29394037307219 mi1.552001312336E+17 ft5.1733377077865E+16 yd1.8624015748031E+18 in4.7305E+16 m
6 Light Years35272844768663 mi1.8624015748031E+17 ft6.2080052493438E+16 yd2.2348818897638E+18 in5.6766E+16 m
7 Light Years41151652230107 mi2.1728018372703E+17 ft7.2426727909011E+16 yd2.6073622047244E+18 in6.6227E+16 m
8 Light Years47030459691551 mi2.4832020997375E+17 ft8.2773403324584E+16 yd2.979842519685E+18 in7.5688E+16 m
9 Light Years52909267152994 mi2.7936023622047E+17 ft9.3120078740157E+16 yd3.3523228346457E+18 in8.5149E+16 m
10 Light Years58788074614438 mi3.1040026246719E+17 ft1.0346675415573E+17 yd3.7248031496063E+18 in9.461E+16 m
11 Light Years64666882075882 mi3.4144028871391E+17 ft1.138134295713E+17 yd4.0972834645669E+18 in1.04071E+17 m
12 Light Years70545689537326 mi3.7248031496063E+17 ft1.2416010498688E+17 yd4.4697637795276E+18 in1.13532E+17 m
13 Light Years76424496998770 mi4.0352034120735E+17 ft1.3450678040245E+17 yd4.8422440944882E+18 in1.22993E+17 m
14 Light Years82303304460214 mi4.3456036745407E+17 ft1.4485345581802E+17 yd5.2147244094488E+18 in1.32454E+17 m
15 Light Years88182111921657 mi4.6560039370079E+17 ft1.552001312336E+17 yd5.5872047244094E+18 in1.41915E+17 m
16 Light Years94060919383101 mi4.9664041994751E+17 ft1.6554680664917E+17 yd5.9596850393701E+18 in1.51376E+17 m
17 Light Years99939726844545 mi5.2768044619423E+17 ft1.7589348206474E+17 yd6.3321653543307E+18 in1.60837E+17 m
18 Light Years1.0581853430599E+14 mi5.5872047244094E+17 ft1.8624015748031E+17 yd6.7046456692913E+18 in1.70298E+17 m
19 Light Years1.1169734176743E+14 mi5.8976049868766E+17 ft1.9658683289589E+17 yd7.077125984252E+18 in1.79759E+17 m
20 Light Years1.1757614922888E+14 mi6.2080052493438E+17 ft2.0693350831146E+17 yd7.4496062992126E+18 in1.8922E+17 m