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The Micrometers is a measurement unit of Length, but it is a non-SI unit. The unit symbol of Micrometers is µm, 1 Micrometers is equal to 1.0E-6 Meters.

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Common Length Conversions

How many miles are in one kilometers?

1 Miles is equal to 1.60934 Kilometers.

How many kilometers are in one miles?

1 Kilometers is equal to 0.62137 Miles.

How many feet are in one inches?

1 Feet is equal to 12 Inches.

How many feet are in one meters?

1 Feet is equal to 0.3048 Meters.

How many miles are in one kilometers?

1 Miles is equal to 1.60934 Kilometers.

How many inches are in one centimeters?

1 Inches is equal to 2.54 Centimeters.

How many meters are in one feet?

1 Meters is equal to 3.28084 Feet.

Length Unit Conversion Table

Convert From MilesFeetYardsInchesMeters
1 Micrometers6.213727366498E-10 mi3.2808398950131E-6 ft1.0936132983377E-6 yd3.9370078740157E-5 in1.0E-6 m
2 Micrometers1.2427454732996E-9 mi6.5616797900262E-6 ft2.1872265966754E-6 yd7.8740157480315E-5 in2.0E-6 m
3 Micrometers1.8641182099494E-9 mi9.8425196850394E-6 ft3.2808398950131E-6 yd0.00011811023622047 in3.0E-6 m
4 Micrometers2.4854909465992E-9 mi1.3123359580052E-5 ft4.3744531933508E-6 yd0.00015748031496063 in4.0E-6 m
5 Micrometers3.106863683249E-9 mi1.6404199475066E-5 ft5.4680664916885E-6 yd0.00019685039370079 in5.0E-6 m
6 Micrometers3.7282364198988E-9 mi1.9685039370079E-5 ft6.5616797900262E-6 yd0.00023622047244094 in6.0E-6 m
7 Micrometers4.3496091565486E-9 mi2.2965879265092E-5 ft7.655293088364E-6 yd0.0002755905511811 in7.0E-6 m
8 Micrometers4.9709818931984E-9 mi2.6246719160105E-5 ft8.7489063867017E-6 yd0.00031496062992126 in8.0E-6 m
9 Micrometers5.5923546298482E-9 mi2.9527559055118E-5 ft9.8425196850394E-6 yd0.00035433070866142 in9.0E-6 m
10 Micrometers6.213727366498E-9 mi3.2808398950131E-5 ft1.0936132983377E-5 yd0.00039370078740157 in1.0E-5 m
11 Micrometers6.8351001031478E-9 mi3.6089238845144E-5 ft1.2029746281715E-5 yd0.00043307086614173 in1.1E-5 m
12 Micrometers7.4564728397976E-9 mi3.9370078740157E-5 ft1.3123359580052E-5 yd0.00047244094488189 in1.2E-5 m
13 Micrometers8.0778455764474E-9 mi4.2650918635171E-5 ft1.421697287839E-5 yd0.00051181102362205 in1.3E-5 m
14 Micrometers8.6992183130972E-9 mi4.5931758530184E-5 ft1.5310586176728E-5 yd0.0005511811023622 in1.4E-5 m
15 Micrometers9.320591049747E-9 mi4.9212598425197E-5 ft1.6404199475066E-5 yd0.00059055118110236 in1.5E-5 m
16 Micrometers9.9419637863968E-9 mi5.249343832021E-5 ft1.7497812773403E-5 yd0.00062992125984252 in1.6E-5 m
17 Micrometers1.0563336523047E-8 mi5.5774278215223E-5 ft1.8591426071741E-5 yd0.00066929133858268 in1.7E-5 m
18 Micrometers1.1184709259696E-8 mi5.9055118110236E-5 ft1.9685039370079E-5 yd0.00070866141732283 in1.8E-5 m
19 Micrometers1.1806081996346E-8 mi6.2335958005249E-5 ft2.0778652668416E-5 yd0.00074803149606299 in1.9E-5 m
20 Micrometers1.2427454732996E-8 mi6.5616797900262E-5 ft2.1872265966754E-5 yd0.00078740157480315 in2.0E-5 m