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How to Convert Minutes to Seconds

To convert Minutes to Seconds, multiply the Time by the conversion ratio. One Minutes is equal to 60 Seconds, so use this simple formula to convert:

Minutes = Seconds × 60

For example, here's how to convert 5 Minutes to Seconds using the formula above.

5 min = (5 × 60) = 300 sec

1 Minutes is equal to how many Seconds?

1 Minutes is equal to 60 Seconds: 1 min = 60 sec

There are 60 Seconds in 1 Minutes. To convert from Minutes to Seconds, multiply your figure by 60 (or divide by 0.01667) .

1 Seconds is equal to how many Minutes?

1 Seconds is equal to 0.01667 Minutes: 1 sec = 0.01667 min

There are 0.01667 Minutes in 1 Seconds. To convert from Seconds to Minutes, multiply your figure by 0.01667 (or divide by 60) .

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Converting Minutes and Seconds

1 min60 sec1 sec0.01667 min
2 min120 sec2 sec0.03334 min
3 min180 sec3 sec0.05001 min
4 min240 sec4 sec0.06668 min
5 min300 sec5 sec0.08335 min
6 min360 sec6 sec0.10002 min
7 min420 sec7 sec0.11669 min
8 min480 sec8 sec0.13336 min
9 min540 sec9 sec0.15003 min
10 min600 sec10 sec0.1667 min
11 min660 sec11 sec0.18337 min
12 min720 sec12 sec0.20004 min
13 min780 sec13 sec0.21671 min
14 min840 sec14 sec0.23338 min
15 min900 sec15 sec0.25005 min
16 min960 sec16 sec0.26672 min
17 min1020 sec17 sec0.28339 min
18 min1080 sec18 sec0.30006 min
19 min1140 sec19 sec0.31673 min
20 min1200 sec20 sec0.3334 min