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The Degrees is a measurement unit of Angle, It is a SI unit. The unit symbol of Degrees is °, 1 Degrees is equal to 59.9988 Arc Minutes.

Degrees to Arc Minutes Conversion.(° to ʹ)

Degrees to Arc Seconds Conversion.(° to ʺ)

Degrees to Radians Conversion.(° to rad)

Degrees to Gradians Conversion.(° to grad)

Degrees to Revolutions Conversion.(° to rev)

Common Angle Conversions

How many degrees are in one radians?

1 Degrees is equal to 0.01745 Radians.

How many arc minutes are in one radians?

1 Arc Minutes is equal to 0.00029 Radians.

How many degrees are in one gradians?

1 Degrees is equal to 1.11111 Gradians.

How many revolutions are in one gradians?

1 Revolutions is equal to 400 Gradians.

How many radians are in one revolutions?

1 Radians is equal to 0.15916 Revolutions.

How many gradians are in one degrees?

1 Gradians is equal to 0.9 Degrees.

How many revolutions are in one degrees?

1 Revolutions is equal to 360 Degrees.

Angle Unit Conversion Table

Convert From Arc MinutesRadiansGradiansRevolutions
1 Degrees59.9988 ʹ0.01745 rad1.11111 grad0.00278 rev
2 Degrees119.9976 ʹ0.0349 rad2.22222 grad0.00556 rev
3 Degrees179.9964 ʹ0.05235 rad3.33333 grad0.00834 rev
4 Degrees239.9952 ʹ0.0698 rad4.44444 grad0.01112 rev
5 Degrees299.994 ʹ0.08725 rad5.55555 grad0.0139 rev
6 Degrees359.9928 ʹ0.1047 rad6.66666 grad0.01668 rev
7 Degrees419.9916 ʹ0.12215 rad7.77777 grad0.01946 rev
8 Degrees479.9904 ʹ0.1396 rad8.88888 grad0.02224 rev
9 Degrees539.9892 ʹ0.15705 rad9.99999 grad0.02502 rev
10 Degrees599.988 ʹ0.1745 rad11.1111 grad0.0278 rev
11 Degrees659.9868 ʹ0.19195 rad12.22221 grad0.03058 rev
12 Degrees719.9856 ʹ0.2094 rad13.33332 grad0.03336 rev
13 Degrees779.9844 ʹ0.22685 rad14.44443 grad0.03614 rev
14 Degrees839.9832 ʹ0.2443 rad15.55554 grad0.03892 rev
15 Degrees899.982 ʹ0.26175 rad16.66665 grad0.0417 rev
16 Degrees959.9808 ʹ0.2792 rad17.77776 grad0.04448 rev
17 Degrees1019.9796 ʹ0.29665 rad18.88887 grad0.04726 rev
18 Degrees1079.9784 ʹ0.3141 rad19.99998 grad0.05004 rev
19 Degrees1139.9772 ʹ0.33155 rad21.11109 grad0.05282 rev
20 Degrees1199.976 ʹ0.349 rad22.2222 grad0.0556 rev