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The Microseconds is a measurement unit of Time, but it is a non-SI unit. The unit symbol of Microseconds is micro sec, 1 Microseconds is equal to 1.0E-6 Seconds.

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Common Time Conversions

How many minutes are in one seconds?

1 Minutes is equal to 60 Seconds.

How many hours are in one seconds?

1 Hours is equal to 3600 Seconds.

How many days are in one hours?

1 Days is equal to 24 Hours.

How many hours are in one milliseconds?

1 Hours is equal to 3600000 Milliseconds.

How many years are in one days?

1 Years is equal to 365 Days.

How many weeks are in one days?

1 Weeks is equal to 7 Days.

How many days are in one seconds?

1 Days is equal to 86400 Seconds.

Time Unit Conversion Table

Convert From SecondsMinutesHoursDays
1 Microseconds1.0E-6 sec1.6666666666667E-8 min2.777777777778E-10 hr1.15740740741E-11 D
2 Microseconds2.0E-6 sec3.3333333333334E-8 min5.555555555556E-10 hr2.31481481482E-11 D
3 Microseconds3.0E-6 sec5.0000000000001E-8 min8.333333333334E-10 hr3.47222222223E-11 D
4 Microseconds4.0E-6 sec6.6666666666668E-8 min1.1111111111112E-9 hr4.62962962964E-11 D
5 Microseconds5.0E-6 sec8.3333333333335E-8 min1.388888888889E-9 hr5.78703703705E-11 D
6 Microseconds6.0E-6 sec1.0E-7 min1.6666666666668E-9 hr6.94444444446E-11 D
7 Microseconds7.0E-6 sec1.1666666666667E-7 min1.9444444444446E-9 hr8.10185185187E-11 D
8 Microseconds8.0E-6 sec1.3333333333334E-7 min2.2222222222224E-9 hr9.25925925928E-11 D
9 Microseconds9.0E-6 sec1.5E-7 min2.5000000000002E-9 hr1.041666666669E-10 D
10 Microseconds1.0E-5 sec1.6666666666667E-7 min2.777777777778E-9 hr1.15740740741E-10 D
11 Microseconds1.1E-5 sec1.8333333333334E-7 min3.0555555555558E-9 hr1.273148148151E-10 D
12 Microseconds1.2E-5 sec2.0E-7 min3.3333333333336E-9 hr1.388888888892E-10 D
13 Microseconds1.3E-5 sec2.1666666666667E-7 min3.6111111111114E-9 hr1.504629629633E-10 D
14 Microseconds1.4E-5 sec2.3333333333334E-7 min3.8888888888892E-9 hr1.620370370374E-10 D
15 Microseconds1.5E-5 sec2.5E-7 min4.166666666667E-9 hr1.736111111115E-10 D
16 Microseconds1.6E-5 sec2.6666666666667E-7 min4.4444444444448E-9 hr1.851851851856E-10 D
17 Microseconds1.7E-5 sec2.8333333333334E-7 min4.7222222222226E-9 hr1.967592592597E-10 D
18 Microseconds1.8E-5 sec3.0000000000001E-7 min5.0000000000004E-9 hr2.083333333338E-10 D
19 Microseconds1.9E-5 sec3.1666666666667E-7 min5.2777777777782E-9 hr2.199074074079E-10 D
20 Microseconds2.0E-5 sec3.3333333333334E-7 min5.555555555556E-9 hr2.31481481482E-10 D