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The Years is a measurement unit of Time, but it is a non-SI unit. The unit symbol of Years is Y, 1 Years is equal to 31536000 Seconds.

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Common Time Conversions

How many minutes are in one seconds?

1 Minutes is equal to 60 Seconds.

How many hours are in one seconds?

1 Hours is equal to 3600 Seconds.

How many days are in one hours?

1 Days is equal to 24 Hours.

How many hours are in one milliseconds?

1 Hours is equal to 3600000 Milliseconds.

How many years are in one days?

1 Years is equal to 365 Days.

How many weeks are in one days?

1 Weeks is equal to 7 Days.

How many days are in one seconds?

1 Days is equal to 86400 Seconds.

Time Unit Conversion Table

Convert From SecondsMinutesHoursDays
1 Years31536000 sec525600 min8760 hr365 D
2 Years63072000 sec1051200 min17520 hr730 D
3 Years94608000 sec1576800 min26280 hr1095 D
4 Years126144000 sec2102400 min35040 hr1460 D
5 Years157680000 sec2628000 min43800 hr1825 D
6 Years189216000 sec3153600 min52560 hr2190 D
7 Years220752000 sec3679200 min61320 hr2555 D
8 Years252288000 sec4204800 min70080 hr2920 D
9 Years283824000 sec4730400 min78840 hr3285 D
10 Years315360000 sec5256000 min87600 hr3650 D
11 Years346896000 sec5781600 min96360 hr4015 D
12 Years378432000 sec6307200 min105120 hr4380 D
13 Years409968000 sec6832800 min113880 hr4745 D
14 Years441504000 sec7358400 min122640 hr5110 D
15 Years473040000 sec7884000 min131400 hr5475 D
16 Years504576000 sec8409600 min140160 hr5840 D
17 Years536112000 sec8935200 min148920 hr6205 D
18 Years567648000 sec9460800 min157680 hr6570 D
19 Years599184000 sec9986400 min166440 hr6935 D
20 Years630720000 sec10512000 min175200 hr7300 D